The Death of Brittany Murphy


On December 19th 2009 Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack were watching movies in bed and eating thai take out in the hollywood hill's home they shared with Brittany's mother, Sharon. Brittany was tired as she had been sick for the last week.

At 8AM Dec 20th the LA Fire Department responded to a 911 call at the Murphy home. Brittany had collapsed in the bathroom and was found by her mother. The firefighters arrived, they found Murphy just barely alive and transported her to Cedars-Sinair Medical Center, where at 10:04AM she died after going into cardiac arrest

Ed Winter, the assistant chief Coroner of LA County, known for performing celebrity autopsies, including Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, performed the autopsy.

His initial findings were that the death seemed natural, but in February when the toxicology report returned her official cause of death was listed as: acute pneumonia with secondary factors of anemia and multiple drug intoxication, caused by over the counter drugs.

The medication was most likely treatment for her flu-like symptoms and her anemia attributed to heavy periods, a common factor among women. Her death appeared to be an accident.

Brittany Murphy in 'Uptown Girls'
Brittany Murphy in 'Uptown Girls'

Episode: File 0001/0002: Rushing to Brittany with a Shake

Release Date: October 31 2020

Researched and presented by Cayla Sander

But then on May 23rd, almost 5 months exactly after Murphy's death, the LA Fire Department responded to another call at the address to find her husband, Simon dead. Ed Winter performed the autopsy the results were:

"Pneumonia, anemia and drug intoxication"

How could 2/3 people in one household die of the same cause 5 months apart?

Leading up to her Death

Brittany Murphy was 32 at the time of her death. She first hit it big playing Tai in the movie Clueless and from there her career looked incredibly promising starring in movies like 8 Mile, Girl Interrupted, Uptown Girls and all 13 seasons of King of the Hill

She was a triple threat ever since she was a child, and she always wanted to entertain so her mom sold everything they had so they could move to Hollywood when she was only 14

In 2003 Brit would buy her first house, a mansion in Hollywood Hills. She moved in here with her mother and this would be her home until his death

But around 2005 her career began to slow down and her last major role was in Sin City. After that her work began to shrink to B movies, and independent films

The rumors were vicious and many, some thought she was anorexic due to how thin she had become, but that could also be because of her alleged drug problem. She repeatedly denied these accusations, but the rumors never stopped going

In 2007 out of nowhere Brittany was married to Simon Monjack, a screenwriter from England, and nothing like her previous dates which included Ashton Kutcher and Eminem

Hollywood would begin to see her less and less and rumors got stranger.

And then in 2009 she died suddenly striking Hollywood by surprise
Had her alleged drug problem finally caught up with her? It had only been a couple months since Michael Jackson had passed that way. Had she been sick? Did she starve herself? Or was her paranoia that she was being followed and under surveillance actually founded in reality? Or did it have something to do with her husband which Hollywood seemed to loath?

The Cursed House

One wild, unsupported theory that is floating around that the house she'd died in was cursed

In 2003 she first purchased 8000 Sq foot Hollywood Hills mansion from Britney Spears who sold the property after her split from Timberlake. It's reported that Spears and Timberlake found the house "spooky as fuck"

And Monjack said that Murphy hated the house and felt it was unlucky. She would say "Please can we stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel?" when the couple would return home from outings

Murphy, Sharon and Monjack (who were living together at the time) were discussing moving to New York in 2010. But when both Brit and Monjack passed Sharon decided to sell the house, finally being rid of it in 2011. In her last couple weeks of owning the house, Sharon moved into a hotel until it sold. The new owners razed the house to the ground and rebuilt it

Could this be related to its cursed reputation or is that just tabloid gossip?

But if you want to find out for yourself, the house is available for rent for just $75,000/mo


For the most part I am going to be focusing on Brittany


In Brit's autopsy granulomas and inflammation were found in her lungs which is often tied to fungal infections. The investigators also found that the home was cluttered, some say to hoarding levels which was the perfect breeding ground for mold just add some humidity. But the home had been inspected two months prior in relation to suit the family had against the builders for using shoddy materials. 

Monjack received the report and advised the Murphys that no mold was found

There are two common deadly types: black mold and aspergillus. Black mold can cause anything from headaches up to cancer and neurological problems. While aspergillus can cause severe lung infections that can spread to the whole body

  • This is plausible. The whole family had experienced a flu and Brit and Monjack in particular were having a tough time. But Sharon was a two time cancer survival with other medical issues. After Monjack's death, Sharon lived in the house for at least another year. If it was mold how was Sharon not effected with her suppressed immune system 

But after medical testing was completed, the coroner said with confidence that mold was not a factor in either of their deaths


Everyone remembered Brit as the cute, down to earth, round-faced teenager from Clueless. So when she went blonde and began to get thinner, rumors ran rampant and among them was that she was using cocaine to get thin which she refuted

"I have never tried it in my entire life. I've never even seen it, it couldn't be further from the truth. I'm the same size I was in Clueless; it's just that the weight in your face changes as you grow and get older. This is my body. I'm proud of it I'm healthy."

And the autopsy finally settled this: While thin, Brit was well-developed and muscular - no anorexia

Illegal Drugs 

 Rumors of illicit drugs seemed to run hand-in-hand with the gossip about her weight. Drugs were very common in Hollywood at the time, every producer, talent scout and showrunner seemed to be handing them out like candy, so like any young rising star perceived as a partyer, Brittany became part of the rumors. but according to Brittany and her family nothing could be farther from the truth

"I am also way too high-strung. I can't even take a Sudafed. Can you imagine? My God. I think my heart would explode." 

But for all the testimonies for the straightness of her edge, there was a thousand reporting the exact opposite. With industry people referring to her as a space cadet or saying she smoked crack with her husband after work

The irony, Simon insisted, was that Brittany literally could not do drugs. She had a heart murmur, so illegal drugs could endanger her life. That fear, Sharon said, made it impossible for Brittany to use cocaine or stimulants.

And the autopsy would support this. No illegal drugs or alcohol were found in the home or bodies of either spouse

Prescription Drugs

After Brit's death LA Investigators surveyed the home and found almost 90 prescription bottles in the bedroom she shared with Monjack. Monjack insisted that they were almost all his. Seven bottles were found with Brit's name on them, these were things like pain killers, anxiety and depression pills, migraine prevention, anti-inflammatories, and an antibiotic for her pneumonia.

But there was something that caught the investigator's attention. Some of these bottles had names on them that didn't match anyone in the house.

Investigators found that the household was receiving an inordinate amount of prescribed drugs every two weeks from multiple pharmacies. Four months prior to Brit's death one of the pharmacies actually cut them off for fear that someone would die, but Monjack says it was actually the family that cut them off

Monjack admitted they did use aliases at times for their privacy and that most of the drugs were for him and Sharon. This made it hard to say whether or not she was abusing these pills as the star was the primary caretaker of her ailing husband and mother, who both seemed to be grappling with a prescription issue

While small in comparison to the mountains of drugs intended for her husband and mother, why was Brit prescribed so many drugs? And why so many pain meds? There is a proven correlation that opiate users often end up with anemia, heart disease, pneumonia or a host of other conditions

At the end of the day, while meds were not the primary cause of her death, they were a factor


While for the most part Brit was healthy, she had a few conditions that effected her life

    • In her teens Brit was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse a common condition affecting 2% of the population with varying severity. Brit's case was on the more severe side causing fatigue, dizziness and irregular heartbeat.
    • In 1995 Brit was in a bad car accident resulting in a dislodged jaw, cracked ribs and a damaged back, that left her with jaw pain for the rest of her life.
    • Brittany had incredibly severe periods, that she'd inherited from her mother, during which she endured painful cramps and big shifts in mood
    • Seizures. This one is conflicting. Monjack claims that Brit was taking drugs for this, referring to a seizure she had in Detroit. Initially in my research I couldn't find any information about these 'seizures' but later came across this story
      • In 2001 Eminem threw a New Year's Eve party at a hotel in downtown detroit. In a side room crammed with strippers was Marshall and Brittany. Brittany had a drink and was offered a joint by one of the strippers. Suddenly Brittany collapsed into a seizure, her mother was brought in sobbing and demanding they call her doctor
      • The next day Eminem would tell a friend that Brit had been faking. That the moment she was left alone in a room with him, she would talk to him just fine. But whenever he confronted asking if she was faking or when her mother came in she began seizing again. Eminem thinks she was jealous of the attention the strippers were giving him. This would be the final straw that would end their relationship
    • Whether or not she actually had seizures, she was taking medication for it, and all of the conditions I just mentioned

Sharon and Monjack repeatedly said that Brit was the healthiest person in the house and took good care of herself. According to her half-sister Pia:

"She had been scared of death since she was a child. She had a fear of having heart issues when she was younger. We talked about it. It was a general fear of death. She was super careful about how she took care of herself."

But her health had been bad for months. One of the last roles she had, the producer reported her never eating, all she would do is drink coffee all day and spent hours in the washroom, causing all sorts of issues with the shoot

Winter said:

"Brittany Murphy last visited her doctor two months before and we spoke with him fully too." 

The weekend she passed away, Winter says Sharon and Simon also experienced flu-like symptoms. 

"Maybe Brittany Murphy felt she would get better with just a couple of days bed rest as she had picked something up from them," 

The Caller

A month and a half before her death, Brit and her family had gone to Puerto Rico to shoot a film called 'The Caller'. Two weeks later she no longer had the job, with stories varying according to who you talk to

    • Her rep said Murphy and the production had creative differences and mutually parted
    • Monjack said she refused to complete the film when she discovered a horror movie, a genre she strongly disliked
    • But according to the Hollywood Reporter there was a different story: on the first day of shoot, Monjack showed up on set drunk and demanding changes and was fighting with locals. The producers told her to send him away, but she was refused and fired
    • The story follows that after she was fired the family decided to stay in Puerto Rico for a mini vacation. Monjack had his lawyers intimidate the production into stating the parting as mutual, and vehemently denies this story, calling it all lies

But why does this matter? This is where Simon and Sharon got a staph infection. Brit would return home where Monjack and Sharon would recover from the flu, but when it was passed to Brit they expected it to go the same. It didn't


Brit's health for the most part is straight forward. Monjack on the other hand is an entirely different story and not one I have hours to tell

While it could be argued that Brittany may not have been taking a dangerous amount of prescription drugs, when it came to Monjack no one denies his abuse of pills not even himself. In a quote by the coroner

"My feeling it was inevitable that [Monjack] was at some point going to die either because of overusing or his body couldn't take it any more."

When his mother found out about all the prescriptions she was shocked, having been so sure he wasn't using drugs before.

He claimed he was beaten up while in prison for the immigration issues, which left him with pains in his knees. He started taking strong painkillers which gave him palpitations, which convinced him he had a heart defect. I have since learned he started taking heart medication without ever being properly examined, as far as I'm aware. It was a vicious circle.

Monjack's health took a sudden turn in the 2nd year of their marriage after he fell off a ladder during a photoshoot in LA. That started his seizures which he also told a family friend was tied to brain tumors. But mom was skeptical about the seizures and admitted that she and many believed he had developed Munchausen's syndrome, and lied about his multiple illnesses.

She did say Monjack had various heart problems and needed open-heart surgery, but an EKG exam shortly before his death and the autopsy revealed a slightly enlarged heart, but other than that was fine

On the return flight from Puerto Rico, Monjack had an asthma attack, became incoherent and was rushed to the hospital. His behavior was very similar to a person who had been mixing alcohol and prescription medication and was withdrawing from the drug/s and alcohol. The seizures as described in the media mirrored withdrawal seizures which can begin as early as two hours after the last drink or pill. Their flight was approximately 7 hours

So what was Monjack's true state of health? Here's what we know

    • He was abusing prescription drugs at the very least
    • He was quite overweight, did little exercise and his diet left things to be desired
    • He had issues breathing and was reliant on an oxygen machine when he slept
    • He believed he had heart issues, brain tumors, seizures and asthma

The Government

So if it wasn't mold, drugs or overall health, what could it be? What about the government? What about the Russians?

The Russians

One theory says that Brit wasn't home the night before her death. A phone call to Brit's estranged father, Angelo Bertolotti told him she wasn't in the country, she was with bankers in Moscow. Angelo refutes this happened and calls this utter bullshitMu

OK back to the more plausible theory: The government

Monjack's mother:

'I believe that lots of things were covered up that should not have been covered up and I do know that my son died unnecessarily in circumstances that are very, very suspect.'

At the funeral in LA, Sharon, insisted on going to the service in an armored car and there were security guards with guns.

Enter Julia Davis, known to some as a government whistleblower and to homeland security as a "domestic terrorist"

Davis became a Customs and Border Protection agent shortly after 9/11, working at the busiest land border crossing in the world between San Diego and Tijuana, dealing with more than 300,000 commuters a day

Julia Davis
Julia Davis

In 2004 Davis noticed 23 aliens from countries of special interest were processed in a period of ten hours. She did some digging and found discrepancies on many immigrant reports. She even saw an assistant port director instructing a CBP agent to falsify information. She filed a report and a few weeks later in a press briefing a reporter asked the CBP Commissioner about the report, from there the government was out to get her

Davis's daughter knew Murphy and when Murphy heard about the government onslaught against Davis, Murphy volunteered to be a witness in the case and speak out against the government. Davis suspected Murphy's bravery is what got her killed and Davis became one of her top advocates against rumors of Murphy's drug abuse and paranoia. She even had a documentary made about her case and featured a segment on Murphy called: Top Priority: The Terror Within

On The surface Davis seems reliable, fairly credible and nice, Turns out that Davis actually was under investigation, several investigations.

Nearly all of Davis's investigations and filings turned out to be falsifications or Davis had absolutely no proof to back them up. Well except a filing she made against her previous supervisor for sexual harassment. She won that case. Not that it did her much good. Davis was from the Ukraine, so when the government was investigating her claims they were surprised to find out that her marriage was a fraud, she having paid her then friend $10,000 to get married so that she could stay in the country

So if she lied about all that, did she even known Murphy? According to Sharon, not at all.

'Davis did try to contact Brittany through her agent but all she got back was a letter from CAA which we have, telling Davis that their client knew nothing about her claims and would not meet with her.'

Apparently Davis simply was using the star to draw more interest in her story. Oh I should probably have mentioned this, Davis is a frequent star on Alex Jones's show

Harvey Weinstein

Murphy and Weinstein
Murphy and Weinstein

For decades an ominous shadow loomed over Hollywood who could make or break any young star and his favorite targets were women. His reign of terror was only talked about in whispers until a few years ago when the women he'd harmed, began to stand up and said "Me too"

This is a theory no one would have even entertained when Brit died, which is why, as far out as this theory is, it's worth mentioning

Harvey Weinstein ruled Hollywood, looking back now many of the actresses that had been marked "difficult" or "crazy" are the ones that had been blackballed by Weinstein for not doing what he wanted or for threatening to expose him. We're left wondering what Brit would've had to say about him if she was still around today.

There was a perception that Weinstein did not like Murphy and Monjack in the end. At one point Brit was the new golden child, but that shifted, and strangely enough that happened around the time that she started losing roles....

There's two parts to this theory. Part 1 being that Weinstein blackballed Brit sending her into a downward spiral

The second and more damning part is that he was the one responsible for Brit and Monjack's deaths

We know Weinstein had ex-spies on his payroll throughout the years. As for if he had these kinds of bodies available back in 2009, it's hard to say, I couldn't find any solid information dated back that far, but we know that Weinstein had strong armed many women into silence at the time.

Salma Hayek came out in 2018 about the years of abuse that she endured at his hands, and a particular case in 2002 on the set of Frida where he said "I'll kill you. Don't think I can't" all because she had declined his sexual advances. Similar threats have been reported by many stars, but not just that, his employees. And these weren't just declared in his well-known fits of rage, for example he threatened to kill Jennifer Anniston in an email to his publicist


Now that we have ruled all of those, let's get into the big one: Murder. Let's start with the most obvious suspect: the husband


The Love Story

In 2007 the world was shocked when pictures of Murphy and a unfamiliar man began circulating both wearing rings. Murphy hadn't been in a relationship at the time as far as anyone knew, yet here she was married to Simon Monjack. The romance began after Brit read his script for The White Hotel, she called him and they agreed to meet for dinner when she returned to L.A. The next week her followed her to New York and From then on, Simon never slept a night away from her

As jarring as it was the two clearly looked completely lovestruck. Simon's mother was quoted saying this was the 3rd time Simon was married, but the first time he was really in love

According to Monjack: 

"It was not just a three and a half year relationship. It was a life adventure. She knew her career wasn't in the best place. She was ready to kind of be a mum and that was what a lot of the talk was about, We were discussing children the night before she passed. We were discussing baby names. A boy would have been Oliver and a girl would have been Sophie. That was the plan, to move to New York and to start a family."

On the surface it appeared to be a fairy tale love story, every picture of them together shows them staring longingly into each other's eyes and they were completely inseparable. But who was he? He was nothing like any of her previous exes. And how did they meet?

There are four frequently mentioned stories that I found:

At a party in 2007

  • Through a mutual friend
  • On film sets
  • Or when she was 17

On Larry King, Monjack said he'd been at a party and she'd been there. He'd taken of picture of her and they kept in touch ever since, saying that the romance began much later

"All these ridiculous people came out and said all this nonsense when we got married, [but] thank god we had the substance and the history within that to [say], 'Yeah, whatever! We still don't understand what happened. It's made us laugh, it's made us cry, but it's made us stronger."

The entire time Monjack was telling this story, Sharon was nodding along the way like she remembered it so clearly, but Monjack was 25 at the time, why was an adult man keeping in contact with a 17 year old girl on the other side of the globe, and why was her mom ok with this?

Everything about this meeting is strange If they had kept in touch it was unknown to most people, nobody within her inner circle had ever heard of Monjack not even Joanne Colonna who had worked with her for 15 years, neither her or Brit's father ever met Monjack even after the marriage and Monjack's own mother didn't even know there was an engagement until she received a Skype call after the wedding

Also another note, ALL of these stories have been touted by the family at one point or another, so what is the truth? How could they have met when she was 17 and NO ONE but her mother was aware of him?'. This is the first of many inconsistencies in their story and more prominently with Monjack? Who the hell was this guy?

Linda wasn't invited to the wedding - nobody was. The first she heard of it was the morning after it happened. 'Part of me was cross with him for marrying in secret, but he sounded so happy I soon forgave him.'

In the interview I conducted for the Post, Monjack revealed a rather interesting fact about the couple's history. He claimed to have taken the first editorial photo of a then-underage Murphy, and immediately fell in love with her.

"No one knows this, but I took Brittany's first photograph for a magazine. It was Jane magazine; Brittany was this big," he told me, waving his hand at hip level. Back then, she was "too young to touch," Monjack said. "To make a long story short, I was very patient."

Linda well remembers the day in late 2006 when Simon telephoned saying that he'd met 'the love of his life' - Brittany Murphy. 'I asked him if this was the love of his life, or another love of his life,' laughs Linda. 'He assured me that this was it; she was the one. I confessed I'd no idea who Brittany Murphy was.'


It became more and more apparent in the days follower her death that he blamed Hollywood, especially Warner Brothers, because Brit had been dropped from Happy Feet 2 due the stories of her drug use. Monjack recalled her crying for house about her stalled career, Simon believed there had been a conspiracy against her among former agents and managers. That was a major motivation to move away from Hollywood.

"It wasn't about the money,. She wasn't going, 'Oh, I'm not being offered $10 million to do a movie.' It was: 'I'm not getting offered anything where I can really show what I can do. I can sing. I can dance. I can do all these things I was put on Earth to show the world,' and somehow she was being blocked from doing it."

Simon: "they killed Brittany to run off with her money. Except, she really didn't have that much left" he said about WB, with plans to file a suit against them

Warner Bros Their statement read

"Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy's tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible, and defamatory. Despite press reports to the contrary, Warner Bros. Pictures and Ms. Murphy never entered into any deal for 'Happy Feet 2', and thus, there was not a contract to cancel."


Hollywood is a village and once you upset the villagers, they talk and they gossip and they rumor, and they have blood on their hands and they hope they have very hot water because the way that they treated Brittany Murphy while she was alive was terrible

Money and Fame

Simon's behavior after Brit's death was odd this an excerpt of an article written by Alex Block, family friend and actor whose daughter was best friends with Brittany:

Simon wanted the book because he was convinced - before the autopsy report on Brittany came back - that she had literally died of a broken heart caused by the shoddy way she had been treated in Hollywood. He wanted to expose the studios, producers and talent reps he believed had used rumor and innuendo - about her alleged lateness, inability to remember lines, drug use and partying - to destroy her career.

In those first weeks after Brittany died, as Simon lay on the bed, rarely rising or bathing, he encouraged me to write an independent book about Brittany that would tell her true story. He and Sharon gave me a series of on-the-record interviews, which are quoted throughout this article. Only later would I realize that much of what Simon told me - about his family, education, marriage and career - was exaggerated or simply fabricated.

Linda Monjack explained 

"Simon is exactly as you would expect someone to be who has just lost the woman he loved. Some days he wants to kill himself, and other days he seems to be coping better.. He's very strong, and he's got Sharon. They're very close, and they're keeping each other going."

He started sleeping 19 hours a day, and eating in bed. He didn't shower for a week at a time

In His Defense

One of Monjack's ways to counter these claims was bring up the will

I was not included in Brittany's will at my own request. I knew I would never need the money. Brittany and Sharon created Brittany's incredible career together. The high earning years were behind her at the time we married and I always wanted Sharon to have financial security if God forbid anything happened to Brittany. Sharon has offered to split everything with me and I have declined, I will keep the hundreds of love letters that Brittany and I exchanged and my favorite black, cashmere hoodie that Brittany started to wear the first weekend we were together."

Larry King asked about the rumors that Brit was penniless, both Monjack and Sharon said this was not the case though they hadn't started tallying the estate yet

Linda claimed Monjack had received nothing: 

 "He didn't get much, maybe a few hundred dollars, and he paid off his debts with it. He was spending his time crying his eyes out most of the time. He was in a terrible state."

Following his wife's death, Monjack gave an interview to Radar Online to defend himself. 

"I think the biggest misconception is that I was living off my wife. Brittany, forgive me-people don't seem to want to hear it. I was paying the bills. Brittany was making these god-awful films that went straight to DVD-so horrible that she wanted to kill herself."

Against it

Many in Hollywood had been speculating for some time that Monjack had married Brit for the notoriety and her money, which Monjack refuted:

"I think the biggest misconception is that I somehow lived off my wife. I paid the bills around here. I am the richest man in the world when it comes to memories."

But Brit's former business manager, Morgenroath, had another story where Monjack had drained Brit's account by 80% since her death, leaving Sharon almost penniless.

    • While helping Sharon sort out the estate, he began to notice discrepancies "There were huge amounts of money in [Brittany's] pension plan and bank account, and all of that's gone. I'm trying to get her [Sharon] to understand that the bank account has this amount. She was looking at the pension statement and I said, 'Look. There are almost no zeros there.' She needs guidance on how to deal with things." Sharon allegedly had no idea about Monjack's spending
    • Morgenroth said Brit hadn't handled any of her money in over a decade and had no idea how deep into the red she was. He once had gone to deliver her a tax form and Monjack answered, saying Brit's hair was a mess so he'd take it. This set Morgenroth on edge and his suspicions were confirmed. "I would see it on the statements. There was money being withdrawn by Simon, hundreds of thousands. Even the pension plan, that was really a nice dollar amount until then" he also claimed that Simon had cut off her cellphone


"I think there were financial problems [before either died], They were certainly acting like there were problems. Sharon was asking friends for money and I don't know why."

Simon insisted he was paying for things, but a source that was in the throes of a legal battle with Monjack confirmed that he had no money of his own and that Murphy was almost broke

It is unclear whether Monjack was a compulsive liar or just intent on impressing people

Capitalizing on her Death

Monjack went on a press circuit immediately after his wife's death. Within hours he giving a major interview to a US Magazine. One interview was with him saying

"I have not slept for more than two days" it was hard not to take those words at face value, the words of a grief stricken husband. But the reporter noted that this interview had occurred within 15 minutes of the family's publicist being asked if an interview could happen.

"I know I have been called a conman, I am not perfect. I never said I was. But there has been so much rubbish written about me and Brittany. Most of what you read is made up." he said, his reasoning behind his personal PR campaign even before Brit had been laid to rest

Monjack and Haley Block at the Oscars
Monjack and Haley Block at the Oscars

3 months after her death, Monjack attended the Oscar's with Brit's best friend Hayley Block (Alex's daughter). Various journalists expressed how inappropriate it was, to which Monjack responded by saying he wouldn't have someone ugly with him and that his 'plus one' was indeed very attractive. After the event he attempted to get into the exclusive after parties with no success, with many saying that it was obvious he was only there for self-gain

"I was only going to the parties for Sharon so she could see friends and be part of the grieving process for her. And it's my 40th tomorrow so I thought it might be nice to celebrate after all the pain"

A couple weeks later Monjack invited the camera crew of Radar Online a Celebrity News website into his home. Giving them an incredibly cringey tour of the house including the bathroom where Brit had collapsed. He allegedly did this for $10,000

From the tour:

"You're the first people to ever see the infamous bathroom. You could see my wife had a penchant for cosmetics. Well most of the cosmetics are mine because I ended up having to buy them over the years for the hair and makeup

There is a leopard print chaise in the bathroom "this is the little doggie couch where she actually fell. And she was put on her side right here next to the chaise lounge"

He's smoking a cigar while they have him on video (he smiles) it smacks in the style of "the lifestyles of the rich and dead"

Showing off her wardrobe: "Lots of Louis Vitton, and lots of Chanel, Gucci. And she had some really nice leather jackets, I never saw her wear that, isn't that cute?" pulls out jacket

"We just had so much fun it was crazy. Playing piano and she'd be lying on the floor falling asleep. It was all that stuff. Every holiday was a balloon festival. I mean it was just crazy. "

Linda commenting about this: "it seems bizarre, doesn't it? Why would he do that?"

But then Monjack and Sharon launched a foundation in Brit's name and with it a memorial event which fans and friends could attend for the low cost of $1,000 per person. Within a couple weeks, the event was cancelled abruptly to a family illness. Monjack claimed to have spent a million dollar to get the foundation off the ground, but people had begun asking questions and turns out that they'd never registered the foundation as a charity, meaning they could've done anything with the money they received.

Amidst increasing reports of questionable financial activity the donation page was disabled and Monjack said he would return all the funds collected

His History

Growing Up ( born March 9 1970)

Simon grew up in England wanting for nothing. His mother ran a small interior design business and his worked for the city until he died in 1986, when Simon was 15. After that, she says, her son began to exaggerate and at times seemed unable to separate fact from fiction. 

"His intelligence was off the scale, but he was also a child in many ways. His father's death completely destroyed him I think his emotional development was arrested at that point. He remained a troubled child for the rest of his life.'

He became destructive both to himself and others. Which isn't uncommon in children that lost a parent under 18. Children in these scenarios are 3x more likely to have depression, a lower sense of purpose in life, psychiatric disorders or to become a substance abuser

Later in his life, Monjack would earn the name Conjack. He had become a compulsive liar, destructive to himself and those around him. His lies were a stream of fictitious tales about his past, most containing some grain of truth and all self-aggrandizing. This behavior is known as pseudologia fantastica and while never formally diagnosed, he had significant hallmarks of him being a sociopath as well. He was manipulative and lie to get whatever he wanted

Linda Monjack : 

"He was using people to write his own scripts. That was one of his biggest mistakes, that sometimes he did mistake fantasy for real life"

He went to film school at NYU and dabbled in photography and music videos before making his debut as a filmmaker "2 days and 9 lives", financed entirely by his family. A BBC reviewer described it as "a continuous volley of dead conversations." It was never released, and his family lost the investment, which he promised his mother he would repay but never did.

During the production of 2 days, 9 lives, Monjack was out of it almost all of the time and he made random decisions daily "we only knew what was going on day-to-day basis. I felt for the actors as they didn't know what they were supposed to learn until they arrived on set"

Some of the many tales he likes to tell about himself was that he was responsible for founding the BritArt movement and was best friends with Damian Hirst, saying he bought 150 of his paintings after funding the artist's first major show. The truth was Hirst never even met Monjack, and Monjack onl owned 1 painting which he sold soon after purchasing

Simone Bienne - 2001 - 2002

Simone Bienne
Simone Bienne

Simone met Monjack in Nov 2001 and 3 months into their relationship they got married in Vegas. 5 months later things came to an abrupt end, him spending his time sitting around all day on the couch in food stained jogging pants, smoking cigar, eating junkfood and watching tv, having not worked on his scripts in months

In 2007 Simone took Monjack to court in LA and was awarded $63,000 the amount he owed her from their 2006 divorce

Recently on a podcast she guests on called "This Life" with Dr. Drew, she had this to say:

When I was 27 I really acted out and decided to marry a conman, where I experienced every abuse possible. Basically took money, tried to get money, from my dad

This guy, if we go down this sort of sex and well, love addict. That was totally me presenting, oh dear it was bad, it was just so sick and so awful. Even to this day, I know there are only a handful people like that

And with him he was really like belly over the stomach. The longer I was in the relationship, I was fainting on the street, getting thinner and thinner, it was awful and the bigger and bigger he got

He was psychopath, he would torture my dog, I had to lose my dog, had to put my dog in a home for 6 weeks, it was horrific, my dog would cower around him, and this is a big 100lb boxer, it was so sick

Elsewhere online she also said he had told her the following:

  • He owned the airline Air Jamaica and it was used primarily for drug and gun running
  • He'd murdered someone in N.Y., and that's how he's linked to the DEA
  • One of his daughters (illegitimate - by a French ambassador's wife - Veronique) was killed in a road accident in 1996. His mother confessed that this was a lie.
  • He robbed various people in the UK under a company he exploited called 'Support British Film'
  • He was constantly tracked by the Customs & Excise in England - apparently he would tip them off about gun/drug smuggling on his aircraft and Air India.
  • He had a homosexual affair with Damian Hirst when they lived in N.Y. (Broom Street). When they broke up, Damian gave him a picture entitled "I Feel Fine." Simon's ex-wife, Marcia, had damaged the picture, so Simon repaired it with glue (!?)
  • He was frequently calling sex lines in Gambia.
  • Prior to moving to the US in 1996 he stole gold and diamond jewelry (and my engagement ring) from his grandmother and pawned it on Bond Street.
  • He told various neighbors and rental agents that we'd been married in Vegas so he was tight with cash and couldn't pay rent.
  • I can't begin to tell you how many cheques he's bounced

Susan Stewart Potter and the White Hotel - 2005

Writer and producer met Simon Monjack some time in 2005. They were in Santa Barbara, he there with is beautiful girlfriend, loads of cash and a black American express card, reserved for only the world's wealthiest

He took them to dinner and them to the Sunset Tower where he got them the penthouse suite. They would find later that he'd manipulated the manager to renting the room for the same price of a regular room

In 2005 Monjack had started working with Susan on the adaption of the White Hotel and had secured funding. Monjack had sent the script to Murphy, who love the script but wanted to make some changes and agreed to meet him in LA when she was back from a shoot in Japan. They met and it sounded like he could secure the rest of the funding with her

(This is the only account of Brit and Monjack's meeting that can be confirmed by a 3rd party)

Monjack took the script back to Susan and said she needed to rewrite it. He did and then he took her name off it

Everything went to hell after that. He turned the investors against her and she was left with nothing, so she put all her efforts into trying to get some of the money back. She went to the FBI, were she showed that nearly a million dollars had gone into the project.

An FBI agent met with her and produced a picture of Monjack asking if it was the same man. It was and when she asked where he got that, they said they got it from ICE because his visa had expired and he had been reported

Susan spoke with Brit's managers who were horrified about this and got her in contact with the ICE guy that was handling Monjack's case. He told her they'd gone after him in the middle of the night, getting a tip from a casting director that Monjack had Brit's car and was staying with her

They raided the house and took Monjack away and locked him up for 9 days

It was when he got back that he rushed into marrying Murphy in her home, surrounded by a handful of guests that were mostly Brits employees and vendors. Simon's best man was Murphy's chauffeur. ICE believed this was a marriage of convenience so they kept tabs on the couple

The surveillance was standard protocol, nothing out of the ordinary. In their eyes Monjack was like any other foreigner that overstayed their visa. They didn't care who he was he just needed to step in line

The couple's run-ins with DHS, ICE and the FBI had the couple scared and looking over their shoulders. This led people to the conclusion Murphy was simply a paranoid drug addict

People Monjack had screwed resorted to vicious online attacks using anonymous handles. Susan said she had been told by his lawyers that he owed everyone and that he'd never pay her as never pays anyone. Susan was quick to learn that she wasn't an isolated incident

Susan knew Brit didn't have a lot of money and her house was falling apart. Susan felt bad but if she was going to get anything back it was going to have to come from Brit, because he didn't have anything and apparently she wasn't the only one that had begun to use this tactic.

He eventually paid Stewart a legal settlement of more than $300,000.

Factory girl - 2006

Richard Golub a New York attorney and best-selling author ended up working with Monjack, writing the script for Factory Girl. Golub said he was a bad screenwriter but could spin self-aggrandizing stories. Finally fed up, Golub investigated Simon and confronted him. 

"You've left a trail of people behind that are going to sue you because you took their trust funds or inheritance or conned them into investing in projects you never delivered.'" 

Later that night, Simon called Golub. "He said, 'Look, you really have my number,' 'I've led this really f***ed-up life, and I really have conned and cheated a lot of people. But I'm turning over a new leaf.' "

Not long after Monjack sued the production company, claiming they'd stolen his script to make the movie

The lawsuit was holding up the release of the film, so rather than fight him in court, they gave him a screen credit to make him go away. He built is complete persona around that credit, but it's complete bogus

George Hickenlooper, director of Factory Girl, went public with criticism of Simon spawning a late-night call from Brittany, with whom he had been friends. Brittany pleaded with him to remove a scathing overview of Simon's "frivolous lawsuit" he had posted on IMDb. "If you ruin my husband, you are going to ruin me". For the sake of their relationship he removed the story

Other testimonies

  • Monjack was apparently a hysterical conspiracy theorist who belong among other things that 9/11 was an inside job and that he was being followed by government spies

"After the September 11 attacks, he told his family and friends that he was secretly advising Tony Blair on British government defense policy, even though he had no credentials in that field or experience! He even had fake passports with various identities. He was a sociopath who used all this bullish*t in his life to exploit and manipulate others."

Guy who knew Simon: 

Simon was a lavish liar and easily tricked many. He frequently had multiple lovers at a time, wooing them with smoke and mirrors about his supposed life. He would have an Argos watch with fake studs worth £9.99 and he'd tell you it was crystal-studded worth thousands, he was never very modest, but you couldn't dislike him. "One time he even told me he was trained in medieval fighting and was going to make a film about Henry III and Jude Law was going to play Henry"

UK associate: 

Monjack was always on some sort of medication. He knew of numerous over the counter pill for treatment of stomach and esophagus problems, side effects of which allegedly caused severe migraines, which he'd also take pills for, washed down with alcohol. "the guy had a death wish"

A former business acquaintance of his said

"Simon is someone who I suspect went through life with genuine intentions of making his various schemes work and then being reluctant to shoulder the blame when they didn't. He wasn't bad. But he was chaotic and he liked to make the most of anything he had done. He was interested in photography, so he would tell people he had taken pictures for Vogue."

Secret Children

Jazmyn Newman (Monjack)
Jazmyn Newman (Monjack)

In England Monjack fathered a child, Jazmyn with Marcia Newman. When she turned 2, he left to chase city lights, preferring nights in exclusive London cocktail bars and hanging with the rich and famous

Jazmyn Newman, 18, was just seven when she last saw her dad Simon Monjack, and grew up in the UK with her mother Marcia Newman in Luton, Bedfordshire

Even though she had a sporadic relationship with her father, Jazmyn dotes on his mother Linda Monjack, and says she fully supports her grandmother's attempts to delve into her father and Brittany's deaths 'My nan has looked after me a lot, I couldn't ask for a better nan and granddad. My nan was traumatized when my dad died.'

'He was nice, but I didn't go and visit him because I was too young, so I never met Brittany. My nan said he had a good sense of humour.

The teen said when she was younger her dad would spoil her by taking her shopping to luxury London department store Harrods. However, this stopped when he moved abroad and Jazmyn and her mother were left with nothing after his death.

She said: 

'My parents broke up when I was two so I don't remember them ever being a couple, but my dad lived in England when I was younger. 'He would take me out to Harrods and get clothes and stuff but now I live in Luton. He moved abroad and I didn't speak to him for ages. 'When I was with my dad I saw his money but not when he left. He didn't pay child support. He didn't leave my mum anything at all when he died, no money at all.'

According to, the screenwriter had a daughter by one woman and a son by another, though I have been unable to find any evidence of the latter.


'He was a hopeless father. Once he split with her mother, he couldn't handle being a part-time parent. It was his same all-or-nothing rationale. Sadly, they'd just got back in touch before he died.'


Her Friendships

Murphy and Drew Barrymore
Murphy and Drew Barrymore

Brit's friends were very concerned about her relationship with Monjack. Reporting that her erratic behavior began after he showed up and that he controlled who she could talk to. Her friends say her erratic behavior began after she met Monjack

On Larry King, Monjack said she'd asked him to speak with her ex-boyfriends saying "if anything happens to me, do this" so he made the calls. Larry asked about her girlfriends and he said she didn't really have any. That she didn't hang around sets and they never went out, that he had to force her to go out

When she and Simon hooked up, it was a rapid downward spiral. Her friends saw the warning signs within two months, but as soon as anyone expressed concern, she would just shut them out.

Finally, she got so isolated it was basically just her and him - which was exactly how he wanted it. 

a source told People in 2009 

"Not many around her were fans of [Monjack]. She wanted to find someone to share her heart with so badly. They thought it was all a bit forced, but you couldn't help but see her joy and devotion. She really wanted it to work."  

In 2015 Jaime Pressly appeared on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry

"We have a younger woman who's stepping forward who feels like she passed away too soon, and when she's coming through, she's making my lungs hurt quite, quite a bit. Mentally this feels strange, physically this feels strange. "She's blaming an outside influence," Henry continued, "and saying that she was in a very manipulative situation, where I actually feel like an outside person who is detrimental in influencing a lot of her actions or actions in certain areas.

She concluded this was Murphy She'd been asked if they had been friends "I was before she married him" 
George Hickenlooper
George Hickenlooper

"The last thing I told Brittany is: "Do you know this guy? I mean do you really know him? Do you know what you are doing by marrying him?" At this point, Brittany became angry and told me she knew Monjack better than anyone and then hung up on me. A few months later I tried to phone her to see if she was alright and Monjack would not let me speak to her."

Hickenlooper goes on to say he posted this information on IMDB two years ago as a warning against Monjack, who he says was using the credit to solicit money from investors. But he said he took down his allegations after Murphy called him a 3am and begged him to take it down

"I spoke to two other movie producers who came into contact with him on a project in the last couple of years. T hey described him as a "conman." Neither had anything nice to say.. I only hope that this creep wasn't instrumental in her sad demise."

A few months before the couple married, a group of Murphy's friends held an intervention that included Sharon, Murphy and Monjack. They were afraid that with her new boyfriend she had become isolated and presented the group with Monjack's history of financial troubles, his issues with immigration and his previous marriages. "Brit, you have no friends left that you had before you met him". Brit responded 

"I appreciate you caring, but Simon can explain it all"

Murphy and Dakota Fanning
Murphy and Dakota Fanning

Sharon was later asked about this incident and she claimed to have no memory of anything like that happening and that she had no idea Monjack had been married before, but defended him saying that the couple had no secrets


"[Monjack] would agree that people were out to get her, but he'd say, 'Don't worry, I'll take care of you.' He fed into that" 

Another former friend says that Murphy often complained of feeling ill but "wasn't good at taking care of herself" and that she was stressed about finances: "She felt she didn't have time to be sick." 

"Simon was supporting her," counters Sharon. "He paid for everything."

Her Career

Multiple sources Brit had gained a reputation of her "control freak" husband lurking around set and intervening in the production, frequently while drunk. restricting which managers and agents she could speak with. He even picked her roles. He had been referred to in Hollywood as 'Satan' on set she functioned by popping vitamin pills and drinking coffee handed to her by Monjack

At some point in 2009 Monjack insisted that he take over her makeup and hair duties which baffled everyone.

From one set: "She was often late but always eventually showed up, she looked unwell and her make-up was terrible"

This topic came up on Larry King, Monjack: 

 "I did her hair and makeup on four movies. I dressed her and I suppose that's where the Svengali thing comes from. It was our magic time."

 to which Sharon said she looked good and that she never liked to be without her loved ones

"Her make-up wasn't altogether flattering! The way her lipstick was applied. Everyone agreed that it did, but no one did anything about it. I'm assuming it's because Simon was doing the make-up and no one wanted to question him. I know it seems bad taste to say this, but it - looks like it was put on her by a make-up artist at a funeral home."

A Hollywood stylist was presented with a photo of Brittany from one of her last films, and at first he didn't recognize her. "Jesus Christ! Where did it all go wrong?" he went on to describe the issues of the hair (based purely on observation), her hair was incredibly damaged due to unprofessional dye jobs giving it a straw like texture. He pointed out split end near the scalp and pointed out that she is wearing a weave that is slipping and needs to be professionally reapplied.

But Monjack took no responsibility for this

"Every story needs a villain, and everyone has decided it is me. The reports about the Puerto Rican set are fantasy. I was never, ever drunk there. What I did do was demand they follow union rules and after she had worked 12 hour days, six days a week, that she get the breaks she was entitled to. I was "difficult' because I was the enforcer to protect Brittany. She was far too nice to stand up to directors and producers who wanted her to work to exhaustion."

"The drug rumors made her lose roles, I'm sure," says Monjack. And he says the rumors were difficult for her to deal with, depressing her and making her fret that she might not find a comeback vehicle. 

"All she wanted to do was to make movies. She was waiting for the role that would revive her career, waiting for the call from Penny Marshall or Gary Fleder, people she had worked with before, that they might remember how talented an actress she was and call with a new magical role."

Did his controversial presence "ruin" Murphy's once high-flying career? "Brittany's films had grossed $100 million before she met me," he insists. "But her career had ended before then...She trusted some people who she shouldn't have."

She stopped taking calls from her agents and managers, and let Simon take complete control of her personally and professionally - with disastrous consequences.'

Her Sanity

Monjack incited paranoia about the paparazzi in Murphy. Friends of Murphy said he was a frequent liar and manipulator and used those traits to control and isolate Murphy, and repel anyone that might challenge his dominance. Simon even told terrible tales about his mother, to keep her from telling Sharon and Brit the truth about him. She had only met her daughter in law once at a dinner. But Simon talked to her every day by phone, skype and email.

He brought out her worst traits and contributed to an atmosphere that was ultimately deadly to her. Rex Beaber, a L.A. clinical psychologist and attorney, didn't know Simon but says after hearing his story that his behavior was consistent with a sociopathic personality disorder. He called what happened to Brittany 

"an age-old story you see commonly with people who meet narcissistic personalities and people who are sociopathic. They have a kind of blood instinct for the weakness of people around them."

Monjack told Larry King that Brit was monkey, when he asked what that was Monjack explained: 

Meaning that if she wasn't clinging to me, she was clinging to her mom or the dog. She was -- just had to be loved. And I don't mean that in a -- in a co-dependent or whatever -- : She was one of the strongest and most beautiful women I've ever met, but she was a little monkey. She didn't have secrets. There's no locks on any of our cabinets. There's no locks on the doors. The -- it -- it would be impossible.

Murphy and Winona Ryder
Murphy and Winona Ryder

Even when Brit wasn't feel well herself, she was always caring for her mother, a cancer survivor with debilitating neuropathy and her husband. For nearly a year Monjack had been having seizures and supposedly had a heart attack a month before her death. She was absolutely selfless putting others needs before hers at every turn

Her Escape

"Brittany's safe haven was the bathroom. I was always pleased she was in the bathroom. That meant she was pulling herself together, you know, reading "Vogue" and putting on lipstick. And that was Brittany, you know...

Murphy's bathroom as seen in the Radar Online tour
Murphy's bathroom as seen in the Radar Online tour

According to Monjack this was her comfort zone, she'd spend hours sampling the cosmetics and perfumes that crowded every inch of counter space, critically studying her body image and sometimes singing to herself or writing bits of poetry or listening to music

But in the tour Monjack had given of the house after his death, he said all the cosmetics belonged to him, he had purchased them to do her makeup

In a video where Brit was giving a tour of her new house in 2003 she said "This bathroom is incredible, I've always found sanctuary in the bathroom of wherever we're living. I remember sleeping in the bathtub when I was a little girl. I thought it was really just private and nice."


"My problem is that I do not look like Ashton Kutcher, Nor do they [the Hollywood elite] like the fact that she [Murphy] married someone who was not famous. Here, stars like stars to marry other stars."

Simon appear to be fully devoted and adoring of Brittany claiming on Larry King that being with her was the happiest time of "her" life


'We still spoke regularly on Skype and I watched him deteriorate before my eyes. But the most shocking part of his appearance was his eyes: they were dead, the light had gone out of them.' 

Suicide by Suffocation

I read a lot of theories and there was one that wasn't really discussed, but due to a bunch of the information I found I began to wonder if Murphy's own mental state had been a contributing factor to her death. If she was struggling with her own self worth, she may have had a hard time taking care of herself. Here's some things that made me consider this

Her half brother, Tony said that she was lonely and dreamed of becoming a singer, harkening back to when they did a tour for the troops in 2003. He had never seen her so happy and she said it felt like what she was missing in her life

Murphy performing for the troops
Murphy performing for the troops

'She was a singer, oh boy, she was the greatest. We'd talk about the arts, I'd send her some of my compositions all the time, and she'd send them back with her opinion. That's what we had in common, the arts,'. But the pressures to remain in acting was too high. She didn't want to do it anymore, but she was being guided in every step she made.

You've got to look around Brittany and make your mind up. Who was her controller? Who was the one who ran the show? I have no proof of anything. If I did, I would have blown it off ten years ago"

There are many anecdotes about Brit's whole demeanor would change when Monjack entered a room. Brit was usually happy go-lucky, always joking and chatting warmly with cast, crew, whoever was around. She was flirty and her happiness was infectious. But the moment that Monjack appeared she would stop mid conversation and go silent and withdrawn

According to a crew member on one of her last films:

"She was one of the team when he wasn't there. She would be giggling and really having a laugh and was touchy-feely, and he would arrive like he owned the set and she would automatically revert to his shadow. People have said she was hot and cold. I'd say he was the guy that caused her to bounce like a ping pong ball"

An actress former friend of Brittany, who asked not to be named, says: 'It's sad that Simon died at the age of 40, but anyone who knew him - and especially the effect he had on Brittany - is not sad for the loss. He basically destroyed that girl.'


In his way, Simon did love her, but that was part of his sickness. He was mentally ill and couldn't help preying on her at a time when she was highly susceptible to his oily charm, false promises and outright lies.

But it's easy to see, based on the trail of bodies left in his wake, how someone could be charmed by him. He would tell his tall tales with such sincerity, and he always had an excuse for anything bad said about him. 

But on the set of one of her last films, a coworker said that she had been questioning their relationship

"While filming the last scene of the movie where Detective Franklin and Mary say their goodbyes after he helped rescue her, Brittany asked the producers if they could re-write the ending so Mary could end up with Detective Franklin.Of course they just chuckled and said no, but I thought it was such a sweet suggestion and maybe even a little telling about her state of mind. She was looking for someone to rescue her, makes me kind of sad when I think about it."

Ultimately. I don't think Simon killed Brit. I think he did truly love her, but I also think he was a sociopathic narcissist that had to control every aspect of her life. As someone that survived a codependent relationship very similar, all of this sounds so familiar to me. So no, I don't think he killed her directly, but I think he preyed on a woman who was already struggling and slowly suffocated her with his love. 


Raising Brit

As a child she and her mom moved from hotel to hotel, couch to couch, always living out of suitcases and on caffeine. The two were more like best friends than child parent. Prior to the purchasing of her house in 2003, the pair always were staying with friends or family members.

In 2012, a study was published that had extensively researched the effect of constant moving on children, following up 10 and then 20 years later. Children that move frequently had fewer quality relationships, low wellbeing and life satisfaction as adults. A surprising number of these adults were found to have died when followed up with ten years later. Children that moved at least 3 times had significantly increased risk to have used illegal drugs. And those that moved even once were far more likely to be stressed, have suicidal thoughts and were three times more likely to have heavy drinking or smoking issues

Sharon controlled all of Brit's bank accounts and managed them exclusively, Murphy admitted openly several times that she never bothered to learn how to drive or balance a cheque book, she was happy to let her mother do that and then later Simon

While transitioning into film with Clueless, Sharon was struck with breast cancer. 15 year old Brittany was the sole provider of the family, not only that but now she had to take care of her mom as well. She didn't get the time to be a kid

Sharon's cancer recurred in 2003

"We're extremely close, extraordinarily close," Murphy told PEOPLE in 2004 of her mother, who survived a battle with breast cancer. "To say 'best friends' would be to diminish our relationship."

Friends say Murphy found comfort in her mother, Sharon, with whom she was "intensely close," says one. "She and her mom lived together for years. Everyone thought it was a bit odd, but her mom was her soulmate, her guardian, her best friend. They loved each other so much, despite their differences sometimes. Her mom was her angel."


There's someone we haven't talked about much yet and that's Brit's father: Angelo Bertolotti

Maybe that's because on Brit's death certificate she left the name of the father blank and claimed at one point that Angelo wasn't her father and that her real father was dead

Angelo had to get DNA tests to confirm that he was so that he could get the death certificate amend

Was Sharon worried that Angelo would go for some of the estate?

Whatever it was she clearly wanted nothing to do with him and that Brit would want the same

But like Monjack, Angelo found Brit's death awfully suspicious and began to dig, which further infuriated Sharon to the point that in 2013 she had the Hollywood Report publish a length letter wherein she lashed out at Angelo saying he showed up only after his daughter saw some success as an actress, and again after her death. She called his claims "more of an insult than an insight into what really happened."

I have no choice now but to come forward in the face of inexcusable efforts to smear my daughter's memory by a man who may be her biological father but was never a real father to her in her lifetime. Angelo Bertolotti has relocated to California in his old age to claim he is here for Brittany, as he never was in life. He has made outrageous statements over the past few years, culminating in this latest madness: that my darling daughter was murdered.

First, I want you to know a little of the real story. I raised Brittany alone. We didn't have much at first, but we always had each other. My daughter and I were our only family, and we were inseparable and always there for each other in good times and bad. She never left my side as I battled cancer twice, and I was there for her through the trials and tribulations of her beautiful life and career.

Angelo was not there at all after age 1. He certainly wasn't around during the 12 years he spent in prison on three criminal felony convictions. Throughout her childhood, I was Brittany's only parent and sole support. No bond could have been stronger.

Angelo did come out of the woodwork when Brittany was a teenager and found success in a number of TV shows just before she was in Clueless. But she quickly saw him for who he is -- and didn't want anything to do with him. He now claims to have had a few meetings with Brittany over the years where he took the occasional photograph, but those must have been brief moments because I was there with her most of the time at home and when she was working -- and he was never, ever around. He has admitted he did not see her at all during the final three years of her too-short life.

Angelo has shown he only wants to trade on Brittany's life, career and good reputation -- even at the cost of putting a cloud over her memory. His actions have hurt the people she actually lived with, loved and considered her dearest friends and family. I have heard from many of Brittany's closest friends about the awful things said on the Internet or in the media about them when their only crime was to truly love Brittany. This has been done by people willing to perpetuate awful lies for their own personal aggrandizement and enrichment

But like many things in this case, this is not as clear cut as it appears

Angelo's Story

Angelo had known Sharon since she was 14, as she had been friends with one of his sons. Ten years later He had hired her at one of his strip clubs/discotheques and they ended up getting together

Sharon was attracted to Angelo because of his criminal past. She thought it was sexy and glamorous.

In 1974 Angelo and 29 others were charged with conspiracy to sell drugs. He served his time

"I made some mistakes along the way, my past is colorful but I have paid my debt to society many years ago

And he owned his mistakes, encouraging Brit to change her last name so his past wouldn't affect her career

"I wanted to distance her from my past, without having any distractions. My kids are my world, there's nothing I wouldn't do for them"

Angelo, Murphy and Sharon
Angelo, Murphy and Sharon

When Brittany was 2, Angelo and Sharon officially got divorced, his time in jail often citied as a big reason behind the split

Sharon tried to cut Angelo out completely, like she did with other relatives and friends, he doesn't speak to her at all, so he and Britt had to meet in secret because her mom didn't approve, which is relatively common with children of divorced parents

Brit 1998 

"My father wasn't in my life growing up, but gradually through the years we touched base. He's a really funny, adorable character"

Angelo has three other children, Tony, Pia and Jeff. All of his kids are talented are in the arts and entertainment industries. He praises his heritage saying he had roots to Antonio Stradivari who is considered one of the greatest violin makers of the 17th century

Angelo hadn't seen or spoken to Brit 3-4 months before her death

Angelo and Julia Davis
Angelo and Julia Davis

He had been devastated when he heard the news and began to look for answers and he found someone that seemed to have the same goals: Julia Davis

In 2013, with her help he was able to relaunch the Brittany Murphy Foundation, with the appropriate accreditations this time

Sharon was quick to criticize this: 

As if he is fit to carry on her memory. Like everything else Angelo and his collaborator Julia Davis have done, this is calculated to make them money and bring them the fame they desperately crave. They say they want to do a documentary and write a book, and this whole stunt is merely publicity to fuel their aspirations.

Not long after, Angelo began to see who Davis really was and completely cut ties with her, advising everyone to do so and disregard anything about the case that she had said

As of September 2018 the foundation has become defunct


Angelo dismissed most of Sharon's letter but had a problem with this line "We will never know for sure what killed Brittany" saying "How can any mother say, blah, and be comfortable with that verdict?"

Angelo was turned away at Brit's funeral and was directed to the main office where officials refused to give him any information his daughter, even though he offered to provide proof of his relationship

Angelo's Quest

When his pleas to reopen the case fell on deaf ears, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He sued the coroner and LAPD and they reached a settlement where if Angelo dropped the charges, they would ship the specimens directly to an independent lab

1st test

His request stated: 

Officials heading the case from the LA Coroner's Office and LAPD admitted Murphy's hair never had a toxicology test and refused to do the test on the hair and other specimens to test for poisons, toxins and/or heavy metals. Both departments intended to destroy the specimens

Winter acknowledged that the coroner's office did not test the hair samples, but said arsenic poisoning was never raised as a possible contributing factor to her death.

 "We never tested for that because there was nothing that led us to believe that [she died of arsenic poisoning]," 

When he finally obtained the samples he sent them to Carlson Co. lab who detected high levels of 10 heavy metals in Murphy's hair

Bertolotti said 

The types of metals found "are commonly found in rat poison, pesticides, insecticides, etc., I am hopeful these new forensic revelations will compel the authorities to open a new investigation as a court of global public opinion awaits the truth as to who was responsible for their untimely deaths," 

The coroner's office told ABC-TV Channel 7 that it hadn't been presented anything yet and stood by its report. The Los Angeles Police Department told the Wrap that it would be up to the coroner to decide whether to take further action in the closed case

Not long after this, the results came under fire, many specialists discredited the lab that had done the testing and this caused the general public to dismiss Angelo's findings

The 2nd Test

But this didn't stop Angelo's pursuit, Angelo had the samples tested at Exova, a lab defined as "one of the leading providers of testing, calibration and advisory services"

"The lab that performed another round of tests is recognized and accredited worldwide. They've confirmed and even expanded the list of toxic heavy metals found in Brittany's hair. I have no doubt that my daughter was poisoned. Brittany's hair being tested is another important step in a long journey to determine my daughter's true cause of death."

Interpreting the Results

Murder the only answer?

First let's take a look at what non-murderous things these results could tell us:

  • Hair dye is a common source of heavy metals, we know that Brit dyed her hair
  • Chain of custody is crucial in autopsy and forensic toxicology, it's really easy for hair to get contaminated by outside sources, even packaging, but we know that the coroner's office sent the samples directly to the lab, which should reduce contaminants 
  • Heroin. It's common for heroin addicts show significantly higher blood levels of almost all of the heavy metals tested. Among all the rumors, heroin was definitely among them, was Brit actually using? Heroin is an opioid, not a stimulant so it wouldn't be a direct threat to Brit's heart condition

Other opioids like oxycontin and oxycodone and diet pills could also be responsible

Cyril Wecht
Cyril Wecht

Angelo consulted Cyril Wecht a renowned forensic pathologist and legal consultant who has worked on dozens of famous cases including: JFK, Sharon Tate, and Jonbenet

Wecht said the first thing to think about is how the heavy metals got there. Because they appeared in the hair, they had to have been absorbed and metabolized in the body and then grow out from the hair follicle into the cuticle to be found in testing


"She was not well, it's not the kind of pneumonia that occurs rapidly

It's not as though [Murphy's] death is a mystery, it's how did she develop [pneumonia and severe anemia]? What kind of life were they leading? ...Those are the mysteries.

What stood out to me was that here's a young woman of 32 years old. How could she have developed such an advanced state pneumonia and such an incredible state of iron deficiency? Where in the world was her mother, her husband? Why didn't she receive proper medical care? I was just puzzled by all of it. She had the financial means to see a doctor. And then she had prescriptions to strong opiates. It was very perplexing."

There are 10 heavy metals detected that are beyond levels permissible by WHO. Wecht has never seen anything like this

Wecht also noted how surprising it was with how bad Brit's pneumonia was how had Sharon avoided it?

 Wecht: I have seen the autopsy of Monjack and I have no doubt he died of natural causes

"I would have checked to see if the private lab results were valid and if they could be corroborated and analyzed whether there was exposure and where did the exposure come from. You have two people, a husband and a wife five months of each other, and, not engaging in any wild speculation, two young people dying five months apart. You've got to check it out.

It's not impossible for people to die while living in the same house within such brief period "it is pretty darned rare"

Winter who didn't test for poisons on Brit of Simon originally was discredited by Wecht 

"There have been two toxicology reports that conclude high levels of several extraneous metals and chemicals. I have not seen any explanation or rebuttal or scientific reasoning for those findings

The metals found in Murphy's hair makes her death extremely suspicious"

At the time of her death, Brittany displayed all the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning including: headaches, dizziness, abdominal cramps, coughing, sweating, disorientation, wheezing, congestion and pneumonia. Monjack also exhibited similar symptoms

Bertolotti finds that some people that have been listed to be dead by acute anemia have died from arsenic poisoning

Did the LAPD fuck up?


'Nobody has answered any of my questions and the coroner's office only did the most basic of tests. Simon's blood is in the coroner's office. I would like his blood to be checked. It was exactly the same indications of death for both Simon and Brittany.

'There is so much in this case that hasn't been picked up on. At first I thought it was all part of the craziness of Los Angeles but nothing has really been done in the right way at all.' Linda ended up losing $30,000 in her hunt for the truth


"If the coroner concludes it is 'accidental' death, there isn't much police can do unless there is other evidence to suggest foul play. Their hands are tied."


"We would have to have direct evidence. In all honesty, it would take something like a confession, something connecting somebody with it.

We didn't run it for metals, we ran our normal scan that we do and there was nothing other than the non-prescription medications. There was nothing to lead us to believe she was poisoned."

It's important to note that Winter had already made his decision within hours of each of their deaths that they weren't suspicious

Angelo's Motives

With the unwillingness of both Sharon, medical examiner and the LAPD, Angelo was never able to the get the answer he was searching for up until his death at the start of 2019

But before his death, Bryn Curt James Hammond had interviewed Angelo about Brittany as part of his book investigating her death. While many of the sources that Bryn had talked to wanted money for their time, even for statements as small as a paragraph, not once did Angelo ask for even a penny. He stated he was doing the interview to set the record straight while Sharon was auctioning off Brit's things, clothes, personalized jewelry, swimwear, passport, personal correspondence, used shoes and watches.

When Angelo was asked if he would ever sell anything of Brit's he said "Never, never - I can't fathom doing such a thing. I've saved everything belonging to her, from baby shoes to her first drawings, cards, letters and 100s of our pictures taken together through the years

In another interview, Angelo was asked about his opinion of Monjack: 

"Sharon Murphy [Brittany's mom] should be interviewed and investigated, first and foremost.

Let her explain why she had my daughter execute a will, leaving everything to her mother and specifically excluding Simon. Let Sharon explain why she decided to do this right after Brittany and Simon told her of their plan to move to New York and have a baby. Let Sharon clarify how she was planning to support herself for the first time in decades, once Brittany moved away. Let her talk about auctioning off Brittany's underwear, passport, SAG card and clothes. There are many unanswered questions that have to be addressed. Out of three people living together in the same house, only one survives and benefits financially."

Medical Neglect


At about 3 a.m. on Brittany's final morning, she woke and made her way to the balcony and asked her husband to get her mother. What Sharon saw frightened her. 

"She was lying on the patio trying to catch her breath. I said 'Baby, get up.' She said: 'Mommy, I can't catch my breath. Help me. Help me.'

Simon recalled

"She said to her mom: 'I'm dying. I'm going to die. Mommy, I love you.' "

So how did it get to this?

Brittany was gasping for breath, her lips turning blue from a lack of oxygen as her lungs filled with fluid. Despite her problems, Brittany had not seen a doctor for six weeks, though she consulted by phone a few times and had talked to a pharmacist. Late Friday afternoon of her final weekend, she made a doctor appointment for Monday. She never got there.

Being sick had become something Brittany just accepted. There was no sense of urgency to see a doctor because she and Simon practiced their own form of "holistic" medicine - meaning they picked and chose among medicines and doctors. They were always afraid the paparazzi would find out if they were seen as sick and that it would hurt their job prospects in Hollywood.

Sharon and Simon were sympathetic, but Brittany frequently complained about ailments, so they didn't take it seriously. 

"She was always so dramatic. I've replayed that so many times. She asked if she could use the oxygen, but Simon said her heart could stop with oxygen, and anyway he then had another seizure, a long, horrific seizure." Sharon then made her daughter hot tea with ginger and lemon. "Her lips were parched, like she was dehydrated. So I made her drink that."

At 730 Brit stumbled to the bathroom, joined by her mother not long after. She said

"'Mommy, I really don't feel well,'"

As Brittany collapsed around 8 a.m., Sharon screamed for Simon, who said to call 911 while he moved Brittany into a cold shower. Sharon, on instructions from the 911 operator, talked Simon through resuscitation efforts until the paramedics arrived

Pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd recently stated 

"By the time Brittany collapsed in her bathroom there was probably nothing the paramedics or hospital staff could have done to save her. But had she been taken to the hospital 24 hours earlier and given intravenous drugs, there is a very good chance she would have survived and would still be here today."

Brit was struggling at 3am, saying she couldn't breathe, saying she was going to die. But neither her husband or her mother called the doctor. Many have criticized her response and she made a statement to Entertainment Tonight

Brittany's mother says: 

"As I am dealing daily with the heart-wrenching loss of my entire family, I am shocked by Mr. Block's statements. This is very disturbing that someone that was supposed to be mine and Brittany's friend, and someone who works for The Hollywood Reporter, would make statements that are 100-percent untrue. For anyone to even fathom that I would just sit and watch my only beloved daughter die and not get help instantly is beyond my way of thinking and despicable."

Murphy's half brother Tony says: 

"If you look at it from a distance, it's like here's this young lady, a fairly healthy girl, she's home with her supposed husband and mother, and she died. How absurd is it? It's only in Hollywood that it's considered another day at the zoo. No one takes her to a hospital, which is just four miles away. I spent years looking at this, suppressing my own anger. I think Brittany was taken out. Who killed Brittany? She didn't die of natural causes."


Monjack took Brit's death hard and had been struggling for months, but things were looking promising Linda said, he had planned a photography trip and was starting to sound more like himself

Monjack hadn't been well for a couple of days. He had complained of numbness and tingling and was even more reliant on his oxygen concentrator machine

The weekend before he was due to fly out, he fell desperately ill. 

"He called me the day before he died, saying: "Mum, I made it through the night. I'm alive." For the next few hours, it was impossible to get any sense out of him, as he grew worse and worse. I'd call and he wasn't even able to respond."

Mrs Monjack said she knew something was 'terribly wrong' when she Skyped with her son in the weeks before his 2010 death

"He looked awful all week. He was so terribly ill that I finally got hold of Sharon, Brittany's mom, and asked her to get him to a doctor, but she said he was fine."

Linda said that Monjack had told her he had found severe mold in the house before he died, this is the only testament of there actually being mold present in the house

'All I know is that before Simon's death he was having hallucinations that things were crawling out of his skin. He was distraught and he was getting fatter and more bloated.

Day of his death

During the evening Sharon said she had decided to stay in the same bedroom to keep a watchful eye on her son-in-law, sitting in the chair next to the chest of drawers, watching him slowly get worse. He kept coughing up a brownish-black fluid, trying to clear his lungs, which Sharon sopped away

Btw if you're ever in a scenario that your mucus is coming out this color and you didn't just snort charcoal, go to a doctor immediately, this is a sign of an incredibly severe lung infection

Sometime after midnight, at approximately 12:30 am, Monjack had fallen asleep and she finally bedded down soon after.

At 4am, Linda awoke and called Sharon, saying she though Simon was in a coma, that she could feel. Sharon said that everything was fine, that Simon was sleeping and that she was watching over him

But Simon wasn't fine: He had a fever that ranged from 96 to 105.8 degrees and he spent the majority of his time coughing up thick black mucous and clutching his chest. He was clearly suffering, yet Sharon did not seek any medical help for his worsening condition, even though she witnessed her son-in-law fainting on a number of occasions that day. She also said Monjack had been complaining of abdominal and lung pains.

Sharon's statement to Chief Winter:

She awoke at 7:30 pm on May 23 to the sound of gurgling coming from Monjack. She went over to the bed and saw brown foam-like liquid coming out of the side of his mouth. Although concerned, she wasn't alarmed as she felt he was just sleeping, and she proceeded to wipe his mouth and unblock his airways as best as she could. She thought Monjack simply had pneumonia again.

Now, anyone who has had someone sick with pneumonia knows that immediate medical treatment is critical. After 45 minutes she decided to call for medical attention as his condition hadn't changed.

Linda Monjack's recollection of May 23 was much different. She said her son had made a delirious call to her in his final hours, slurring his words and slipping in and out of consciousness. She begged Sharon again to call 911, but Sharon refused

Around this time, Monjack would make a call to his own phone for some reason, some speculate that this may have been his attempt to call 911 but was too disoriented to complete the task. Linda had managed to get a hold of this recording from his phone and hand it over to the LAPD. On it, Monjack is telling Sharon that he's really sick and desperately needs to go to the hospital, and in the background Share responds with "Just tell the doctor you have a temperature of 104 degrees". He never managed to call a doctor

But eventually Sharon did, On the call Sharon was all over the place, unable to give a straight answer and sometimes not even hearing the operator at all.

When asked for the number she was calling from she responded with "it's the house" he asked for clarification and she said that she didn't know what number she called him from

My son-in-law, he stopped breathing...he was just breathing and now he stopped breathing. He's sleeping. Hurry up, please!...He had fluid in his mouth...and he snored and then he stopped breathing."

When asked if he's awake or not, she doesn't know. He's sleeping, but he's not breathing.

When asked if there's anything in his mouth, she can't answer that, says it's closed, operator instructs her to open the mouth and she says she can't. He asks if he is seizing or having convulsions she says "I don't know" at this point the operator says he's either seizing, holding it closed himself or he has rigor mortis

He instructs her on how to see if he's breathing, she says he's not breathing, he could be breathing a little bit, almost, he asks do you feel anything? She says he could be shallowly, but is unable to answer, she complains that the bed is too high so he tells her to get on the bed and she says "are you crazy I am already on the bed" she repeatedly says to just send help, and he repeatedly tells her that help is on the way.

Having listened to both calls, this one feel very different from the call about Brittany, she was much more collected then and in this call she seems resistant to doing what is asked of her

When the first responders arrived, Monjack was already dead and appeared to have been for a couple hours

The on-call coroner, Kelli Blanchard arrived and once she inspected the body she took a statement from Sharon. Sharon relayed what she remembered from the evening's events and informed Blanchard that Monjack had cardiac problems and was scheduled to undergo open heart surgery as a result. 

However, prior to Blanchard arriving, Chief Winter had spoken with Monjack's primary care physician, Dr Richard Kroop, who told Winter that Monjack had recently undergone ECG and CT scans and Dr Kroop had found nothing at all wrong with him. At Winter's request Dr Kroop forwarded all Monjack's medical records to Winter's office.

If Sharon genuinely loved Simon she would not have hesitated in calling for medical attention.


I'd pleaded with Sharon over and over during those last hours to get medical help, to get him to a hospital, but she didn't... I'd call and he wasn't even able to respond. It was at this point that I demanded to speak to Sharon, and I told her, 'Please, please call the doctor. Get him to hospital. Please just get him some help'. She told me that she'd 'been through this before' and that Simon was over the worst." A short time later Simon was dead!



And any questions too about what her husband should have done, what her mother should have done. These are not things for me to address except I will repeat just as a sensitive human being, that has been married with children and grandchildren, and so on. What I would do when I have for my wife when ill, or what she has done for me and our kids and they with their kids and so on.

As I said, I just find it absolutely incredulous, totally incomprehensible that these people with all the means in the world to properly take care of themselves, live as they did and failed to acquire appropriate medical care that would have saved their lives.

These conditions of pneumonia are reversible with intravenous antibiotics, with other intravenous fluids, with other appropriate medications, to just sustain you and so on. These are conditions that young adult people who are otherwise healthy, like with Brittany Murphy, who had a good heart. She could have been saved, and she'd gone into a hospital and received treatment.

Sharon and Money

When Sharon learned that she could've sued the builders for wrongful death for a lot of money, her opinion changed to believe that mold had been the cause

Two years after Brittany and Monjack's deaths Sharon Murphy had filed a lawsuit against the attorneys that represented her in a suit against the builders of 1895 Rising Glen Road where Murphy and Monjack died, claiming the lawyers never told her about the possibility of a wrongful death suit due to mold in the property

Linda Monjack claims that she hasn't received any of her son's possessions, no photos and nothing from his portfolio. 

"I know he had an Andy Warhol but Sharon said it was Brittany's. She wouldn't let me take anything. She said he was broke and didn't have any money and yet she said she absolutely adored my son"

Simon's mom, brother and therapist stayed at Simon's home last week with Brittany Murphy's mom, Sharon Murphy. We're told when they left they took Simon's laptop.

At some point they went through the computer and found emails from two women who wanted money from Simon for child support. According to people who have reviewed the emails, Simon had a son by one baby mama and a daughter by another.

Also in the computer were wire transfers of large amounts of money -- as much as $48,000 in a single transfer. Simon was sending the money to lawyers, as well as someone in Europe for some sort of settlement.

We're told Simon's mom and brother felt the coroner should have the computer and handed it over. The coroner's office is currently reviewing the contents. Sharon went ballistic and filed a theft report with cops. Though it appears that nothing ever came from this

The Will

Monjack, told TMZ after they got married Brittany had a formal will drafted, along with a trust. Simon tells us all of her assets under the new will and trust go to Sharon.

At his request, the will specifically says: "I am married to Simon Monjack who I have intentionally left out of this will."

Sharon Monjack

Ed found prescriptions in her name in the room, including some made out to 'Sharon Monjack'. He asked why her prescriptions were in his room and she pointed to one side of Simon's bed and identified it as "her side of the bed." saying they shared a bed because they were comforting each other for the loss of Brittany

She would later deny this

"The TMZ story with it's [salacious headline suggesting that my precious son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together, inferring sexual contact is journalism at its lowest."


We don't have sex, number one. Number 2 she is a woman that has toxic neuropathy, which means she can barely walk. I live downstairs she lives upstairs.

If she can barely walk, why does she live upstairs?

When Linda was asked about this rumor, she said:

 I can 100% refute that, I was speaking to him daily and it wasn't like that. He loved beautiful women, young and beautiful women and every woman he'd been with was young and beautiful. So. I rest my case.

Financial Issues

Prior to their deaths the couple were already struggling financially and living beyond their means. Murphy was taking roles that didn't bring in the same bucks she had previously earned on films such as Sin City and 8 Mile and her career was also in decline, but her death gave Sharon the much-needed cash injection necessary to keep a roof over her head. 

By this point Sharon had cut off all communication with Linda despite Linda's numerous attempts to reach out to her and build bridges. After all, they shared a common bond following the deaths of their children. Sharon wasn't interested and made herself conveniently uncontactable

"She won't answer any of my calls. There are so many levels of craziness to everything that has happened."


Poisons are rarely detected in cases where clinical autopsies are performed by hospital pathologists. This is because the pathologist is not thinking homicide or looking for poison. Unless a specific poison is suspected, the chance of random discovery is unlikely. As we know, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter stated before the autopsy Murphy's death appeared to be natural

From 2007 to 2011, 68,720 murders have been committed but only 42 of used poisons

Forensic Toxicologists believe that homicidal poisoning is far more common than the stats say.

In 2010 2,803 people died of poisoning. While only 11 of those deaths were ruled as homicide, 1973 were listed as "undetermined intent" for manner of death of a 1,951 were listed as undetermined. In other words, these deaths are considered suspicious

When clinical autopsies are performed at hospitals, if poison is the cause it is rarely detected. Unless there's reason to believe that the person may have been poisoned, pathologists won't look for poisons, simply because there's so many and unless you know what you're looking for the odds of it being found be accident are rare. Murphy's death was classified as "natural". There were no obvious signs of external trauma and foul play was not suspected

Suspicions may be raised later, like: how Angelo raised flags with his tests, Sharon's delays in calling 911 in both cases, her disinterest in finding the actual cause and even changing her mind later to blame the mold, selling off Brit's stuff and just generally inconsistency in her version of events

Money is a common motive for murder, but motive is not evidence. The evidence of murder by poison is poison. If the poison is not detected and identified during the autopsy, in almost all of these cases people get away with the crime. Exhumations are rare and cannot happen without the necessary legal authorization and the process is both complicated and drawn out

Why did it take Sharon an hour to call 911 for her daughter, even after Brit herself said she thought she was dying?

Why did Sharon tell 911 that mouth to mouth was performed, but later stated on Larry King that "no on did mouth-to-mouth"?

Why did Sharon not put Angelo on the death certificate?

With Monjack why was there a 5 hour delay in calling for help?

Why did she dismiss Linda's pleas to call an ambulance?

Why did Sharon lie at his side for several hours wiping his mouth even when she couldn't tell if he was breathing?

Why was she so unhelpful with the 911 operator?

Why did she decline Winter's request to inspect the home for mold after Monjack's death?

Why did she change her opinion on their deaths two years later if she was happy with the findings?

One theory as to why the first call was delayed was that maybe the household was fearful of bad publicity and what it would do to her declining career. Which is plausible, but then what happened with Monjack?

Poisoning is not an opportunistic or impulsive crime

There are plenty of cases were mothers have killed their children for seemingly small amounts of money. Two examples:

  • Robin Lee Row turned off the smoke alarms in her estranged husband's apartment where her 10 and 8 year old children were living. She then squirted liquid accelerant all over the apartment and set it on fire killing all of them for their life insurance totaling $250,000
  • Frances Newton murdered her husband, 7 year old and 21 month year old by shooting after taking our life insurance policies on each of them

No one doubts that Brit was Sharon's world, that she loved her more than anything. But Sharon blamed herself for what happened to Brit's career, and maybe more. 

She was the one that brought her daughter to Hollywood. If the stories of prescription drug abuse is true, maybe she blamed herself for that. She saw her daughter getting more and more paranoid, isolated and miserable. This could've been a mercy killing. Maybe she expected that Monjack would get framed because of how much the world seemed to dislike him and when that didn't work and she saw Brit's estate draining away she moved to get rid of him too. 

When Winter simply wrote both cases off as natural she was free and clear, until a couple years later when funds were getting tight and she realized the missed opportunity to sue the builders for wrongful death

The 2nd lab test confirmed the presence of abnormally high levels of barium and sulphur, both ingredients common in rodenticides and pesticides. Arsenic only shows up in traces after two to four weeks in the victim's hair, nails and skin. Arsenic is readily available, is mostly tasteless and can given in small doses that cause a period of illness before death. Both Murphy and Monjack had long periods of illness before they died so suddenly

In cases of chronic poisoning: victim develop weakness, muscle aches, chills and sometimes a fever. The couple had all of these. Other symptoms include inflammation of sensory and motor nerves and the mucus member lining in the throat. Sharon wiped black mucus-like substance from Monjack's face

Poison often will cause fatigue, confusion and an odd or awkward manner of walking (see her last performance in Something Wicked), muscle spasms, stiffness, awkwardness of the limbs, tremors of the hands, impaired consciousness which can be accompanied by respiratory distress

Arsenic is the weapon of choice among those murdering by poison, it so popular that it's feature predominantly in film and literature, even plays. It has no color, smell or taste.

After arsenic has been ingested within 24 hours it moves from the blood to liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs and gastrointestinal track. 30-40 minutes after ingesting a small dose of arsenic, the victim will experience dry mouth and maybe a metallic taste. They may also experience headaches, muscle cramping, vertigo, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. If they ingest a larger dose it can cause convulsions, often leading to death within a few hours from shock

Sharon disappeared just a few months after Monjack died and hasn't been seen since although Bertolotti says he has credible information that she's back in Hollywood.

 'I had someone contact me on Facebook, she was a Russian and says she walks Brittany's dog, who must be 15 years old by now, and is now working for Sharon in Hollywood. I thought that's very strange She wanted to know what I thought happened? I said I think what happened in that house was totally criminally. She hung up the phone.'

Simon loved New York and he wanted to move there but Sharon was the 3rd person in the marriage and he wanted to move without her. Angelo is suspicious about this since Sharon is not the kind to take that lying down

Sharon denies anything to do with Murphy's death and deflects that Angelo just wants Murphy's money

Drug addicts often do exhibit high levels of heavy metals in their blood - and that heroin use, which Murphy was repeatedly rumored to have struggled with, is directly linked to the kind of heavy metal elements found in her samples

But it's not just heroin that could have caused Murphy's blood test to show ten different heavy metals at above acceptable measurements. Other opioids like oxycontin and oxycodone, dietary supplements and diet pills all have been found to have levels of metals above their maximum allowable levels.


There is another rarely discussed theory. In 2015 Jeff Bertolotti (Murphy's half brother) wrote a blog about his experiences with his diagnosis of Dysautonomia and his theory of how it may be related to his half sister's death

Jeff Bertolotti
Jeff Bertolotti

"My grandmother suffered from this, my aunt suffered from this, I've been dealing with this for a number of years now and from the information I have seen on tv, from the interviews, from conversations I've had with Britt some years back about some symptomatic things she was deal with at the time you know. I believe there's a real good chance that dysautonomia played a role in this situation"

"I went from 185 lbs training 3-4 times a week you know absolutely fantastic physical condition to 3-4 months later I am 130 lbs not able to leave the house, heart rate not going below 100, I was in constant tachycardia constant blood pressure fluctuations, dizzy spells near passing out. Nobody knew what was wrong, diagnosis ranging from one side of the spectrum to the other side. Everything but what it was. It has taken 10 long years to get a diagnosis and that's a major part of what the hell of this is

Medications are out, I have had absolutely zero luck with medications, they seem to do me more harm than good for me.

Dysautonomia is a rare genetic condition, one that took Jeff ten years to get diagnosed, so it's very likely if Brit had it, even she didn't know. It's not likely to be the cause of her death but could be a large contributing factor to some of her behaviors and another stress on her already stressed body

Remembering Murphy

Taryn Manning
Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning was haunted by her 8 Mile co-star, Brittany Murphy, as she DJed at an H&M party in Toronto this week. Taryn was playing Eminem's Lose Yourself when she decided to give a shout out to the actress and asked the crowd: "Let's give it up for Brittany Murphy, one of my best friends who's not with us anymore," Brittany, who died in 2009, was obviously so flattered that she made her spirit presence known by proceeding to shut down the entire music system.

Pia Jo Reynolds
Pia Jo Reynolds

 "She had this supernatural influence to love well. It empowered her. Brittany could speak to a crowd and they all felt they knew and loved her," Pia Jo Reynolds (Bertolotti, Murphy's half sister) recalled.

Angelo's fav memory of his daughter "we were at a restaurant in Lauderdale, deciding what to eat. She was only 6. Burt Reynolds was on a table. They were filming there and she went over. When they brought her back the last thing she said "One day you're going to ask for my autograph"

Alex Merkin
Alex Merkin

"This is all very shocking. I'm trying to wrap my head around it," said the film's director, Alex Merkin, who described Murphy on the set last year as "incredibly hard-working and dedicated and obviously very talented." "Even when she had a lot of things going on in her life, she was always there," he told PEOPLE 

In what now can't help but come off as a haunting exchange, Murphy had said in late 2002, during her Q&A with Drew Barrymore for Interview, that if she were able to die and come back as anything, it would be a redwood tree. She didn't explain why, but its longevity is a possibility.

Asked how she would most like to die, the actress said, 

"Painlessly. I'd like to be very, very, very, very, very old. With all the technology we're inventing and what they're coming up with scientifically, people are having longer lifetimes. It's scary, but in the same sense it's also very exciting. So I would like to be happy and healthy, and live as long as possible."

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