Join your hosts, Halli, Cayla, Nathan and Courtney as they delve into the always surprising, often creepy, frequently hilarious world of the weirdest things in the human experience. Was Shakespeare a woman? Did you know that there was a secret room in Mount Rushmore? What actually happened to Brittany Murphy? (it's really not as straight forward as you would think)

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I have always been fascinated by alchemical illustrations and runes, this concept of a sort-of magic with an alleged scientific background. So when Halli said she was going to cover the Voynich Manuscript my mind immediately flashed to the illustrations reminiscent of the same era and knew it was time to finally crack that nut

After the events of 9/11 parties in the US were looking for a way to better forecast the movement and reaction of citizens faced with real world crises. Appearing from the Purdue campus in Indiana, the Sentient World Simulation was thought up. It has been active for 16 years, Nathan takes us through a high level scan of this weird...