Join your hosts, Halli, Cayla and Nathan as they delve into the always surprising, often creepy, frequently hilarious world of the weirdest things in the human experience. Was Shakespeare a woman? Did you know that there was a secret room in Mount Rushmore? What actually happened to Brittany Murphy? (it's really not as straight forward as you would think)

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In 1999 Theo would meet Jen, Jack/Hojo and Aeris, an event that would have lasting impacts on their entire life. Today they work in the gaming industry and live with their husband and two cats

In 1999, Theo had found their niche in the Final Fantasy 7 fandom, writing fanfic and creating fanart about the unpopular villain: Hojo. They would rise to some notoriety in this small community, leading them to make dozens of new friends, among them: Aeris and Jack (Hojo). This close-knit community would become a bright point in Theo's...

After the death of her husband, Sarah Winchester would begin building a house unlike any other in 1886. One whose construction continued all the way until her death on September 5 1922

In a small township in the southern UK lives one of the oldest and allegedly, most haunted buildings in the world. The Ancient Ram Inn, built in the 1100s, is host to many stories, ghosts, and even an interesting secret older than the building itself.

An inn. A smuggler's hideaway. A home to priests. A bohemian club. And apparently very, very haunted. Oh and secret passages and a visit from the Queen.