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Nathan had a bad time over the holidays. Food poisoning aside, the hiccups that came with it had to be the worst part about the whole ordeal. This lead to a bit of dive into why hiccups happen, what people think is happening when you get hiccups and the kind of remedies offered both by the doctor and the internet...

From "In Defense of the Nation: Syphilis, North Carolina's 'Girl Problem' and World War I" by Karin L. Zipf

The holidays come with all sorts of different traditions. Be it from family to family, friends groups, communities, or countries, everyone seems to have their own interesting twists. One thing that caught our attention was that rollerskating became a thing for a while in Venezuela. Nathan digs into this briefly and the assumed inspiration behind...

Cold Plunges


I have vivid memories of 90s ads for the Polar Plunge in Anchorage when I was a kid. I think my grandpa did one or two, but I always remember looking at people gearing up to jump into icy water and thinking



In Austria and Bavaria, Dec 5th + 6th are special days, these are the days that Krampus visits children. The rest of the month is primarily dedicated to Santa, but on the week leading up to January 5th, that's when the Perchten rule in the name of Perchta.

Brother XII


If you want to talk about cult leaders, sometimes all you need to do is look in your own backyard. Edward Arthur Wilson or Brother XII as he referred to himself as, started off a regular Joe who worked as a navigator. He would eventually settle on Vancouver Island and start a cult called the Aquarian Foundation, stealing money from...

Nellie Bly


ON the 22d of September I was asked by the World if I could have myself committed to one of the asylums for the insane in New York, with a view to writing a plain and unvarnished narrative of the treatment of the patients therein and the methods of management, etc. Did I think I had the courage to go...

I went into this expecting to be covering one woman and her contributions to the culinary arts and ended up finding all manner of fascinating discourse and well, here we are. It's a typical HEX topicSo I guess we'll start with this: I love to cook. That wasn't always the case, in fact my interest in cooking was birthed almost...

Jack Parsons


Sex, cults, black magic, Aleister Crowley, Scientology and…rockets? Really?

Humans have been decorating their fingernails far as back as we can remember, but while today this is considered a frivolous, feminine form of expression, its histories have roots in war and symbolism of leadership