The HEX Files

Pirates, a crowd favorite for obvious reasons, but did you know that they had incredibly progressive views for the time? Nathan digs into the social structure of pirates in the golden age of piracy, tells us about their dealings with the government meets of the time and how they conducted themselves.

It's July 1954; a hot day. A man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan. He's of Caucasian appearance and conventional-looking. But the officials are suspicious. On checking his passport, they see that he hails from a country called Taured. The passport looked genuine, except for the fact that there is no such country as Taured [...]The man is...



CW: illness, death (including death of a child), animal attacks, animal and human harm

Bloody Mary


The legend of Bloody Mary is a story many of us in North America are familiar with. Or we think we are. I thought I knew the myth, but once I started digging, I realized I only know the tip of the iceberg and found myself on a fascinating adventure around the world and through the decades

Who would have thought that a tiny island in a lagoon near Venice would be considered the most haunted place on earth? Not us! Nathan tells us about a tiny piece of land that has a long and terrifying story to tell.

Live Rock


"Live rock" itself is not actually alive, but rather is simply made from the aragonite skeletons of long dead corals, or other calcareous organisms. A common fixture in saltwater aquariums that contributes to a healthy ecosystem and helps with tank upkeep. But sometimes when you bring live rock home, sometimes that's not all you're bringing home

Science does weird stuff sometimes. Sometimes it makes so little sense that it might as well be magic. In this episode Nathan talks a little bit about particle physics which he knows nothing about, and how conspiracy theorists have taken the idea of particle accelerators and turned them into a world ending theory.

In 1913 a group of researchers in Death Valley CA discovered something miraculous. Massive stones that were strewn across the valley floor left trails, some hundreds of feet long, in the cracked earth, as if they had moved on their own accord, as there were no signs of humans or animals in the area