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We all know about Christmas, but there are countless holidays celebrated by thousands of other cultures. Nathan takes us to India and China explore a few!

It was Christmas Eve 1931, when a couple driving through the Arizona desert encountered car troubles. They pulled over and as they were examining the damage, they heard a sound. 150 feet away they found a little girl, seven days old in a woman's hatbox. How had she got there? Where were her parents? Who was she?

Oh Great Tree Roo! What is in store for us this holiday season? What gifts and joy will you bestow upon us as we gaze at your wonderousness and as you sit so high up above our heads. Will you shower us in good wishes for a new year, or provide some words of wisdom? Ah, if only we could talk to you....

Courtney takes us on a tour of all the holiday inspired named marine creatures, from Christmas tree worms, to sea angels and even a crab that likes to take things from its environment decorate itself!

It's really hard to look at the idea of witches without a Christian lens since I grew up in a Christian household. Almost any nature based or polytheistic, shamanic religion can look like witchcraft when you grew up with the idea of one God, although many aspects of Christianity have absorbed different Pagan ideas in an attempt to convert...

Salem! Spooky Sassy Comic/TV cat or something completely different? Nathan digs into some of the Salem witch trials for the show. how people were tried, convicted and accused, and what happened during that infamous year.

Japanese folklore is full of magical creatures of tales of persons with mystical abilities. These people aren't referred to as witches per se, the word witch comes from European vocabulary, a single title to encompass all manner of people suspected to have mystical powers

I thought it would be good to start with a proper clarification of what we're talking about. Some of the history we're discussing can actually be seen stemming from accusations made against Christians by Romans, by early Christians against heretics (dissenters from the core Christianity of the period) and Jews, by later Christians against witches,...

Young Living


When is a doctor not a doctor? Is it when you start practicing alternative, unproven medicine? Or when you open a clinic without a license? Maybe, you go as far as using your middle name and initial to trick folks. Nathan discusses the founder of many essential oils and alternative medicines

The Kelloggs


What does breakfast cereal, holistic treatment institutes, Arabian horses and abstinence have in common?