The HEX Files

Since the day that Icarus went public in spring 2005 about his encounter with Jen, letters have poured in describing similar encounter. We've selected a couple of these as well as some journal entries by Icarus that he wrote while living with Jen and Jack

After the death of her husband, Sarah Winchester would begin building a house unlike any other in 1886. One whose construction continued all the way until her death on September 5 1922

In a small township in the southern UK lives one of the oldest and allegedly, most haunted buildings in the world. The Ancient Ram Inn, built in the 1100s, is host to many stories, ghosts, and even an interesting secret older than the building itself.

An inn. A smuggler's hideaway. A home to priests. A bohemian club. And apparently very, very haunted. Oh and secret passages and a visit from the Queen.

Ong's Hat


The town's not actually a town, as such. And not just because it's an unincorporated community with a population of zero. The Hat may have only ever comprised one single building: Ong's Hut. In fact, it's possible Ong's Hut is the correct name of the place, but it said Ong's Hat on the map (the "town" appeared on maps as...

Ted the Caver


It's time for another one of Cayla's favorite internet legends!

My Immortal


CW: mentions of depression, suicide, suicide ideation, self harm, and direct quotes from online sources, some of which use the r-word

The year is 1874, you're working the fields, miles in each direction are rows of corn, wheat, barley, flax. Crops you, your family and your community depend on to survive the winters. As you pull weeds you see a large grasshopper land next to you, about 3 inches in length. As it begins to gnaw on a nearby...

Weird Weather


Some days it's too hot, others it's too cold and sometimes meat falls from the sky. Halli talks about some of the strangest weather phenomenon and the superstition surrounding them!