The HEX Files

Jack Parsons


Sex, cults, black magic, Aleister Crowley, Scientology and…rockets? Really?

Humans have been decorating their fingernails far as back as we can remember, but while today this is considered a frivolous, feminine form of expression, its histories have roots in war and symbolism of leadership

Aokigahara Forest, the Sea of Trees. Is a dense patch of woods northeast of MT Fuji with many stories that surround it. Some are mythical, some are unfortunate, and some are just popular tourist spots. Nathan gives us a brief view of this mysterious location

This beautiful nightscape is the city of Bielefeld. Bielefeld is a city in north-western Germany, with a population of about 323,000. It's in the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia, and is the 18th largest city in Germany, with a large university and hospital, a historic castle, and a fairly typically Germanic-looking church. Or at least that's...

Cunning Folk

"...their antecedents trac[e] back at least as far as the Anglo-Saxons…[t]hey offered to tell fortunes, find lost or stolen objects and buried treasure, and create love potions – magical solutions to problems that people encountered in daily life – and were sought for their healing powers at times of crisis. Through magic, they fulfilled a need in...

Everyone loves a good festival, but have you ever been to a festival that has a giant penis parade? No? Well, strap your-self on... in for a bit of a wild ride.

This story has everything, conspiracy, cults, murder and mystery. It is also incredibly sensationalized, even at the time that it occurred. This makes it very hard to find concrete details, as each source cites different dates. But I have done my best to try and get the details as accurate as I possibly can

2 weeks ago I was having a talk with some friends of mine, two people I work closely with when it comes to researching stuff for the Jen Saga. One had mentioned how lately they had to purge a bunch of their favorite playlists as so many artists on those playlists have since turned out to be abusers or assholes...

Dolls, people's relationship with them range from love to hate and even complete unease in their presence. Nathan is one of those uneasy folks, so obviously he took it upon himself to discuss the scary doll story and dip into why dolls might be creepy to us.