File #0001/0002: Rushing to Brittany with a Shake


Released October 31st 2020

In this two part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan and Halli take a look a three cases of intrigue:

  1. The secret room behind Mount Rushmore: Gutzon Borglum began construction in 1927 on stolen Lakota land with grander designs than he would ever get to realize
  2. Brittany Murphy: On December 20 2009, Murphy would be rushed to the hospital after collapsing, only to die there. Then almost exactly 5 months later, her husband died the same way...
  3. Was Shakespeare a woman?: You may have heard that Shakespeare was a collective of writers, but have you heard that he may have actually been a woman and that there's a whole society dedicated to this?

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  • Mount Rushmore
  • Brittany Murphy pt 1

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  • Brittany Murphy pt 2
  • Lady Shakespeare


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