The Jen Saga

In April 2005 the legend of the FF7 House would first grace the internet, first through a LiveJournal post by author Icarus and then through his own personal website, standing to this day as a stark warning reminding others to be careful who they trust on the internet, because you could be talking to Jen Cornet

What is this?

The Jen Saga is an ongoing mini-series that will unfold through our regular programming, as Cayla (one of our hosts) dives deeper into the ever-growing list of tales told by the survivors of Jen Cornet.

This series focuses on the survivors themselves, their stories and who they are today. Admiring their strength and acknowledging the effect their encounter has had on their life.

This is not an easy story to tell, discussions of abuse (mental, emotional, sexual, physical, childhood) will be frequent so please heed the warnings at the beginning of each episode

We hope you find their stories as inspiring as we do, and that maybe, just maybe they can give someone the courage to speak out about or get out of a bad situation

If you have a story to share you can reach out to us here

The Story So Far

Below is a chronological list of events as they've been covered on the show so far

Final Fantasy 7 is released


Icarus moves in with Hojo/Renee and Jen

This would last approx 2 months

Summer 2002

Eliot meets Angel, Jen and Hojo online

He would join their Hellsing roleplay group


Eliot's stay in State College

A pit stop to a new life became a month long nightmare


Icarus shares his story 

The first iteration of the FF7 is posted and demon-sushi goes live

Apr 2005 changes ownership

As of today is not related to Jen at all


The People

The people involved in our story thus far. 


Jen Cornet / Jenova

The antagonist of FF7 House tale and other stories in the Jen Saga. We don't know what she's doing today

FF7 House 



Had a falling out with Jen in 2002

FF7 House 


Helped Icarus escape from Jen in 2002

FF7 House 


Hojo / Renee / Jack

Jen's partner during the original FF7 house story

FF7 House

Zar / Zarla

Icarus's friend who briefly met Jen in 2002. Given the role of Vincent by Jen

FF7 House 


Would join Jen and Hojo in 2003

Eliot's Story


Stayed with Jen, Angel and Hojo in 2003/04



Icarus / Zack

Original author of the FF7 house and webmaster of demon-sushi

FF7 HouseInterview

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know where Jen is now?

No. And neither do the survivors. While we're happy to receive any tips you may have in regards to her current activities,  finding Jen is not our primary objective. Our goal is to provide a platform for survivors, to celebrate their stories and show them as more than just the blip in their lives in which Jen inhabited. We strongly encourage people to not reach out to the survivors asking where Jen is, they have done a lot to get as far away from her as possible and they get asked this question far too often

Have you contacted the owner of was originally owned by Hojo/Renee but since 2006 has fallen into different ownership that has no connection to Jen or Hojo/Renee

Do you have anything to do with Freddie Lounds/Monica/The Tattle-Crime Youtube Channel?

No. We're aware of the work that Monica has done, and appreciate her sharing her discovery of Jen's presence in the Hannibal fandom circa 2015, but we do not agree with all of her methods of investigation, presentation or the way she represents and interacts with survivors.

But we are a member of the r/tattlecrime discord channel. This channel has absolutely no affiliation with Monica and is comprised of users interested in this story and who seek to investigate it in the most respectful manner. This channel is open to anyone, so feel free to hop in if you want to know more about the ongoing investigation

You're missing this thing!

If you think we're missing some aspect of the story, definitely feel free to reach out, but there are some things we have purposely chosen not to share out of respect or at the request of survivors. For many this still effects them to this day and can be a very difficult thing to talk about. Not only that, many of the survivors have been consistently harassed over the years by internet detectives, some far less polite than others, so we will do our bests to respect their wishes and protect them 

That's not so-and-so's real name!

As mentioned above, there are times we will purposely change names and details to protect the survivors.  If there are details that we don't know, we will call attention to that and feel free to let us know!

Can you put me in contact with ____?

No. Well maybe. Most survivors do not want to be reminded of this, this is a shadow they have tried very hard to escape. For some it has been decades and it's still something that haunts them. But for those that are willing to be identified we will provide information on their guest page as to where you can find them. But just because they have a presence on the internet, doesn't mean they necessarily want to talk about this. If you do want to talk to them, about this topic feel free to reach out to them, but we request that you treat them with utmost kindness and respect the fact that they may not want to discuss these things. 

But they talked to you!

Yes. We approach the survivors with respect and consideration of the trauma that they have endured. We give them complete control of their narrative and how they would like to be identified. And we give them full license to change their mind at any time. We put their mental health and privacy above the show and work hard to build a personal rapport with them. And because they place this trust in us, we also will protect them and their privacy. Just because they have agreed to work with us, doesn't mean that they want to talk to every person that comes asking. It's important to remember that the survivors do not owe anyone anything, and their requests for privacy should be respected

How could someone be so dumb/naïve/etc to fall for this?

First of all. No. No one chooses to wind up in these situations. Predators like Jen are incredibly good at worming their way into the trust and hearts of people. They seek cracks in a person's armor and wedge themselves in there and they purposely look for people that may not be in the best head space at the time. It's easy as a healthy person with all their needs met and an excellent support system to be unable to imagine being lured into something like this. But you have to remember that the bulk of the survivors were in compromised situations when Jen took advantage of them. If you have ever been in an abusive situation you know how easily a skilled manipulator can bend you to their will. We will not tolerate any mockery or victim-blaming