Join your hosts, Halli, Cayla and Nathan as they delve into the always surprising, often creepy, frequently hilarious world of the weirdest things in the human experience. Was Shakespeare a woman? Did you know that there was a secret room in Mount Rushmore? What actually happened to Brittany Murphy? (it's really not as straight forward as you would think)

Covering a wide array of topics from conspiracy theories, urban legends, weird science and unsolved mysteries. Grab your tinfoil hat, your favorite drink and get ready to experience the Human Exception


Halli is and has always been a big nerd. A fan of sci-fi & fantasy, TTRPGs, video games, and investigative books and podcasts, any excuse to learn or use her imagination is a good one. She is the channel organizer and lead GM for Terrible Party, a guest on DMTK: Chef's Night, and a charity streamer who leads the Terrible Party charity Discord community.


Nathan was raised in a small town in British Columbia Canada. He was raised in a High Control Religion (a.k.a. Cult) and has always been interested in what drives people to act the way they do. An avid lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and most things nerdy, he is a host on Dungeon Master's Test Kitchen, and the DM for DMTK: Chef's Night. Nathan is known to get distracted by new shiny things before finishing with the old shiny thing he's picked up previously, this may or may not come into play while you listen...


Based in Vancouver BC, Cayla is the artist of the webcomic Blackburn, producer, guest and host of the tabletop  podcasts DM's Test Kitchen, DMTK: Chef's Night and soon to be launched DMTK: Feast or Famine. Cayla has been known to fall into many a rabbit hole, at least now she can say she's "working on a case/story" 

Cayla recently did an interview with queer nerd blog, Roar Cat Reads, check it out to learn more about her!

Theme and outro written and performed by Jack Reed