The Clinton Body Count


A particular political family has been known for decades among American families and around the world for their work. Whether it be their time in law, in office, or otherwise, rumors float around these two like flies on a corpse, which, just happens to be the topic Nathan is discussing. Are these just accidents in proximity or is there some kind of connection? 

  • In 1977, a young woman by the name of Susan Coleman was found, dead by suicide. She was a law student at the University of Arkansas, she never got to finish her degree.
  • (Thought to have had an affair with Bill and got pregnant)
  • In 1986, Judi Gibbs a Penthouse Pet and regular sex worker, died along with her long time boyfriend Bill Puterbaugh, as their home burned with them inside.
  • (Supposedly a favorite of Bills, the bordello that she worked at supposedly blackmailed important people when they came in as customers)
  • Boys on the tracks
  • Keith Coney July 1988, died in a motorcycle accident, he slammed into the back of a truck
  • (Supposedly he was being chased down by a car)
  • Keith McMaskle Nov 1988 - murdered by stabbing, 113 stab wounds found
  • Don Henry and Kevin Ives 1987 - their bodies had been found on the rail road tracks, foul play was suspected. There is a whole book and a lot of investigation around this one, but I won't touch to today. 
  • (The theory states that these boys were killed because they saw a cocaine delivery go down and the person involved Dan Lasater was a good friend of Bills)
  • Paula Grober 1992. She died in a car accident, her body was thrown 33ft from the vehicle and her sustained injuries killed her.
  •  (She supposed traveled extensively with Bill since 78, and was his interpreter for the deaf while he was president)
  • Victor Raiser July 30 '92: Died in a plane crash with his son and 3 others. The cause was pilot error. 
  • (The theory is that it was deliberate but no reason was stated. He and the Clinton's knew each other for 10 years. He was also the national finance co-chairman)
  • Jim Wilhite Dec 92: Died in a skiing accident, ran into a tree in aspen Colorado.
  •  (Was vice chairman of ARKLA natural gas company. Died less than a week after ARKLA chairman resigned to become Whitehouse chief of staff)
  • Vince Foster 93: Found dead with a gunshot wound in his mouth, ruled death by suicide. He was known to be depressed and have other mental illnesses. 
  • (The theory is that he was also involved in the whitewater and travelgate scandals. His knowledge would have made him a liability)
  • Gareth Williams 2010: A native Londoner who's death was ruled a suicide by Scotland yard. He supposedly locked himself in his dufflebag and died. 
  • (Rumor has it that he was an MI6 agent who had been caught illegally hacking information on Clinton)
  • John Ashe 2016: Died in a barbell accident when his windpipe was crushed. 
  • (He was supposed to testify against the Dems and Hillary Clinton the next day)
  • Seth Rich murdered in 2016, in a robbery incident. 
  • (Supposedly his phone and wallet were found on him. Some say he might have been one of the wikileaks whistleblowers with DNC information)
  • Joe Mantano 2016: Died of a heart attack in July 2016. Was an aid to Tim Kaine 
  • (Tim Kaine was a close running mate to Hillary in that year's election. His heart attack came close after the email dump.)
  • Victor Thorn 2016: found dead by suicide on a mountain near his home in Pennsylvania 
  • (he was an author who was a far right extremist, a holocaust denier, and wrote multiple books trying to prove the wrong doings of the Clintons)
  • Shawn Lucas 2016: Accidental death by polypharmacy, or overdose on a mixture of pills 
  • (He had recently served the DNC with a lawsuit stating that they had rigged the primary in Hillary's favor, beating out Bernie Sanders)
  • Jeffery Epstein!

Episode: File 0067: Crime & Biology: Special Task Force Pt. 3

Release Date: April 22 2022

Researched and presented by Nathan

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