File 0089-0091: The Gay Gods of Anchorage


February 10 2023 / February 17 2023 / February 24 2023

In this three-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and guest Courtney take a look at four cases of intrigue:

  • The Snapewives: While known as the Snapewives, they referred to themselves as Snapeists. Snapeism was a small religious movement that formed in the early 2000s in the online space of livejournal. Its members were devoted to the omnipresent Severus Snape from the Harry Potter universe, and their practices included channeling and even spiritual marriage to the broody potion's professor
  • God is an Asshole: Nathan tells us how if you look at the bible objectively, god reads like a petulant child that seems to get off on torturing the children they allegedly love so much
  • Charles Silverstein: Charles Silverstein did a lot to help the gay rights movement, including getting homosexuality to be viewed as a way of being and not a mental illness
  • Sounds of Alaska: Did you know that the northern lights make sound and that there is a mysterious horn that seems to sound randomly in Anchorage, Alaska and no one knows where it comes from?

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