Sounds of Alaska


I was scrolling on Instagram one night, as you do, and I came across this weird reel. It was a dad taking a walk in Anchorage late at night with his baby, just trying to lull the little one to sleep. 

I thought that part was weird, I mean, you couldn't pay me to go out at night in Anchorage in the winter alone, and definitely not with a baby, but I mean, Alaska is full of weird people who enjoy things like walks outside in the cold. Whatever. But then you hear this eerie noise, and the guy looks weirded out and kinda scared. It was this deep grating noise that seemed like it'd been ripped from a scifi movie, and I thought it might be some sort of creepy pasta/ world building/ ARG thing but the guy's account seemed really normal without any obvious ARG breadcrumbs. He was just a dad in Anchorage.

So I sent the reel to a friend who lives in Anchorage and is out late a lot (he does DJing not night hikes) and he was like "Oh yeah, the horns. Haven't you heard of them before?" Obviously fucking not. I'm pretty sure if I had ever heard them in the wild I would have shit my pants and needed to move far far the fuck away. There's something about the sound that just causes a buzz in my head that says something is gonna happen. 

Writing up the script, my anxiety actually got really high from listening to different sound clips and I keep jittering my leg like a jackhammer.I knew this had to be on the show. It's too weird, it's too eerie, it's too interesting of a topic not to look into. So what the fuck is going on?

Episode: File 0091: The Gay Gods of Anchorage pt. 3

Release Date: Feb 24 2023

Researched and presented by Courtney

I could only find one article about it from the Alaska Dispatch in February 2020 that honestly doesn't have a real explanation .There are some snippets about how Nasa says it's "background noise" from the Earth aka "Ambient Earth Noises". There's a list of what locals think it is as well.

I tried to find more info on the FB group - it looks like it's been deleted since the article was written, which kind of sucks because I wanted to see the absolute WILD things people were saying. I did find one reddit post that pointed back to the ADN article, so I felt like I just went in a big loop. I did see some comments thought that this doesn't just happen in Anchorage. There were some comments on the youtube videos saying people have heard similar things in Fairbanks, AK, San Diego California, and then I found a video about a guy who lives in BC who has heard a "hum".

Dr. Glen MacPherson heard a low humming he said he initially thought was something electronic in his house, so he turned off the power to EVERYTHING and still heard it. He's gone on to make a website and a special box that he says blocks the humming sound.

There have been reports of similar sounds and scarier ones all over the world. Some are similar to Anchorage's trumpets, some are loud claps, some sound like a cryptid screaming, some are tinkling noises. This also made me think about a cool place at UAF that I loved to go to when I went to school there called "The place where you go to listen".