File 0048-0050: Witch Please


In this three-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and guest Courtney take a look at four cases of intrigue:

  • Witchcraft in Europe: It was the mid 1400s when Europe began to get really concerned about their "witch problem" and this paranoia only grew to a fever pitch between 1500-1660 where up to 80,000 suspected witches were put to death in Europe. What happened? How did we get here? And are you a witch? The answer might surprise you
  • Witchcraft in Japan: When people think of witches they think of the pointy hats and broomsticks that cackle off into the night. In Japan you would hear no such tales, instead you get blind women who are married to spirits, magic users who employ the skills of snakes and foxes and even witches who turn into cats and meek old ladies to catch young girls alone at night outside of temples for dinner. Let's go to Japan
  • Witchcraft in America: Like a stubborn independent child, America likes to pretend their connection to their mother country of England ain't no thang. But let's face it, the basis of their entire society is based in the culture and practices brought over from Europe. Of all the things that were brought with them, was a book known as the 'Malleus Maleficarum' and with it a terror of witchcraft
  • Modern Witchcraft: Times have changed, thankfully in most first world countries people are free to practice religions like Wicca with a focus on meditation, magic and balance with nature. Witches are far from dead, despite the efforts of nearly every country trying to burn them out. Today there is an estimated 200,000 Wiccans, let's talk about how that came to be

Cover photo by Cat Dossett

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