The Secret Room of Mt Rushmore


Not everything has the privilege of being an exciting Nick Cage movie, but did you know that the National Treasure, Mount Rushmore, actually has its own weird secrets? Nathan discusses the history of the Sacred Black Hills area in South Dakota, the agreement between the US government and the Lakota Sioux People, and the eventual forceful changing of this agreement. 

This would later open up the place we now know as "Mount Rushmore" to be used for the currently standing structure. While the artist, Gutzon Borglum, had grand plans for this mountain not all dreams can come to fruition. 

Nathan discusses the original plans behind the sculpture, what was eventually approved, and the finalization of those plans in the early 90's.

Episode: File 0001/0002: Rushing to Brittany with a Shake

Release Date: October 31 2020

Researched and presented by Nathan Miller

UPDATE: January 27th 2021

Nathan found a conspiracy theory that states that the reason the room is so heavily guarded is that it contains proof of the existence of aliens!