0025-0027: Gone But Not Forgotten


In this two-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan and Halli take a look a three cases of intrigue:

  • The Yuba County 5: On February 24 1978, five young men from Yuba City, California attended a basketball game at California State University They were there to cheer on the UC Davis Basketball team in an away game against Chico State. Their plan, to see the match and then return home that night to prepare for their own game the following day. But they never made it home
  • Ryan Shtuka: Ryan did what many kids his age did to earn some cash during the winter season. He went west, to Sun Peak Resort and a got job at the ski hill as a lift operator. On the night of Feb 17 2008 at about 2 am, Ryan left a house party with his roommates to make the 5 minute walk home. But he would never make it
  • Jacob Gray: Jacob had left Port Townsend alone on his bicycle on April 5, 2017, towing a trailer full of camping gear. He was experienced in this kind of travel and surviving in the wilderness, it's what he had done his whole life. But the next day his trailer and gear were found 6.5  miles up Sol Duc Hot Springs Road. Strangely,  Jacob's bow was on the ground, and arrows were sticking in the ground and out of the back of the trailer. But the owner of the bike and gear was nowhere to be seen.

UPDATE:  Shortly after recording these episodes, Cayla discovered a book that had been published in December 2020 that was packed with new information and interviews with friends and family of the five and others involved. The book is called: Out of Bounds: What Happened to the Yuba County Five? by Drew Beeson

Because of this we ended up recording a whole new episode: File 0027: Gone But Not Forgotten pt. 3

The Yuba County 5 Revisited article can be found here. It's recommended that you listen to episode 25/read this article prior to moving on to the update

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