The HEX Files

Ryan Shtuka


In December of 2017 a young man at the age of 20 set out on his own, as many of us do. Leaving his small town of Beaumont, Alberta he set off to the popular British Columbia Ski hill of Sun Peaks. Here he would make new friends, find enjoyable work, and not 3 months into his new life, go unexplainably missing. ...

Jacob Gray


In 2020, 543,018 missing people were reported in the US. In recent memory these reports peaked in 1996 with 980,712. Reports have been steadily dropping since the late 1990s. A fair number of these reports made are for young people under age 21. It's estimated that between 89 and 92% of people reported missing are soon found.

On February 24 1978, five young men from Yuba City, California attended a basketball game at California State University:

When we think of cryptids we usually think of creatures that are scary and/or dangerous. Accompanied by dozens of horrifying accounts of encounters, most a brief glimpse or stare-down with the creature and others resulting in the damage of property, pets or persons. Let's be honest cryptids are the things that go bump in the night that we...

All sorts of things fall under the Cryptid banner, even plants, or plant spirits. Nathan talks about Leshy, a sometimes malevolent sometime benevolent spirit who protects the forest, and punishes those who do harm to nature. Depicted differently in different media, we get to discuss the weird stories surrounding this little piece of Slavic...



It was a fairly average winter day in mid-January 2020 when two men in Guernsey County, Ohio were out for a walk in the woods. No big deal especially on a decent day in typically bitter January.

I'll be the first to admit that I eat my fair share of things that really aren't good for me, even if my body doesn't always approve. Because cheese.

When it comes to Chuck Tingle, the line between fantasy and reality is as muddled as it is curvy and alluring. When Dr. Tingle came onto the scene and the internet was taken by storm with his bizarre and unusual gay literature, very little was known about him