Brave Little Hunter and Friends


Gladys still sinking ships. A queen. An icon.

Orphaned baby orca kwiisahi?is "Brave Little Hunter" is guided from on Vancouver Island after her mother was beached and died. The Ehattesaht First Nation worked with the Dept. Of Fisheries and Oceans to help make space for kwiisahi?is to grieve her mother and eventually move back to the sea. Kwiisahi?is was recently spotted and has not yet rejoined her pod.

Orcas are being reclassified from a single species to (at least)three! Previously orcas (or killer whales) were all classified as one species with 10 ecotypes (considered to be the same species that different based on where they lived). Resident Orcas are known under the classification Orcinus ater, Bigg's killer whale (also known as transients) are now known as Orcinus rectipinnus. The original species name is Orcinus orca. Type D or Subantarctic killer whales are also likely to be reclassified soon. These reclassifications are based on physical differences in the whales including skull shape, size, diet and lack of interaction between the two types.   

Episode: File 0129: Eat the Rich

Release Date: May 31 2024

Researched and presented by Courtney

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