File 0102-0104: Sex, Magic and Yacht Parties


June 30 2023 / July 7 2023 / July 21 2023

In this three-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and Courtney take a look at four cases of intrigue: 

  • Clementine Barnabet: In November 1911, 19 year old Clementine Barnabet is arrested for the murder of a family of 6, her insistence on her innocence falling on deaf ears. Five months later in a startling turn of events, Clementine suddenly claims responsibility for 17 murders, including ones that occurred while she was imprisoned. And the reason? Blood sacrifices in hopes of gaining immortality. Well, that's what the news would have you think
  • Yacht Killing Orcas: Since 2020 the Strait of Gibraltar has been experiencing some bizarre events: Orcas attacking boats
  • Kanamara Matsuri: Japan is known for its respectful and buttoned up culture, so it may come as a surprise that in one city, there is a yearly festival held, dedicated to the penis.
  • Cunning Folk: Before there were witches there were cunning folk, healers and wise people who in some cases practiced magic and in others didn't, in some cases were used to defend against black magic and in others considered just as bad as witches

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