File 0087-0088: The Alchemic Voynich Simulation


January 27 2023 / Febuary 3 2023

In this two-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and guest Courtney take a look at three cases of intrigue:

  • Sentient World Simulation: Did you know that if you have ever had an online presence, there's a series of servers in Indiana where a digital version of you exists?
  • The Voynich Manuscript: In The Madman's Library by Edward Brooke-Hitching, he describes the Voynich manuscript as "the most famous cryptic manuscript of the medieval period" that has been "the obsessive focus of study around the world and as of yet, none of the professional and amateur cryptographers - including American and British codebreakers of both World War I and World War II - has been able to crack it."
  • Alchemy: Alchemy is an ancient practice one with obscure tangled roots that may go back a couple millennia BC. Much of alchemy's history is shrouded in mystery and cyphers, and is a practice that has repeatedly been banned throughout history and has faced many hurdles, yet still managed to find its way even to today.

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  • Sentient World Simulation
  • The Voynich Manuscript

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  • Alchemy

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