The Montauk Project: Proof and Disproof


There's two aspects to consider with this story, the people telling the stories and the stories themselves, so let's talk about the people

Note: this is the 2nd part of the Montauk Project topic, to find out more about the actual project itself check out: The Montauk Project

Proof and Disproof: The People

Episode: File 0064: Planet Montauk: Water Bears and Lost Anime Pt 3

Release Date: March 25 2022

Researched and presented by Cayla

Al Bielek

Al Bielek talking at a Convention
Al Bielek talking at a Convention

Where to begin with Al? In the book, Nichols said that he met Bielek after his 1986 talk, when Bielek claimed that he too had memories of the Montauk Project. But that's not the case, Nichols and Bielek were friends before the talk, there's even pictures of Bielek in the slideshow of the base that Nichols shows in that very talk, and even then he says they went to the base before in 1985.

Bielek's biggest claim to fame is his involvement in Philadelphia Experiment. In 1988 he saw the movie based on the story and said that's what triggered his memories and made him realize that he had been involved.

But there's a catch: the Philadelphia Experiment happened in 1943 and Al was born in 1927, this would've made him 16 when the experiment happened. But don't worry, Bielek has an explanation.

See, this wasn't Bielek's first life. Before he was Al, he was Ed Cameron, born in 1916. His story is that he and his brother, Duncan who was born in 1917 (don't worry, we'll talk about Duncan) both became engineers that came into the employment of the Navy and that's how they wound up in the Philadelphia Experiment

Bielek claims that he and Duncan leapt from the USS Eldridge when the experiment began to go awry, and instead of landing in water, they landed in Montauk in 1983.

There's a lot of variances in the story here, in some the leap from the ship allowed them to traipse around in time doing god knows what. But I am going to focus on the most common version of the story: they show up in Montauk on Aug 12 1983 right when all hell breaks loose.

They get told that they need to go back through the portal to the Eldridge and shut down the transmitter no matter what it took. So the brothers ran back and hacked at the transmitter with an axe.

Before the portal closed though, Duncan jumps back through returning to 1983, leaving his brother in 1943. Bielek would carry on his life as Edward Cameron until 1947, when The Montauk Project called from 1983 needing his help with something

They decided they didn't want me around anymore, for whatever reasons. And they did a number on me. Total brainwashing, established a new personality, shipped me back into the past, and I became Alfred Bielek. With a new set of parents, and a false birth certificate, and a complete cover up story, which hung together, and memories, which may or may not be quite true, but nevertheless, still there. Well indoctrinated. I had not the foggiest notion that I had ever been involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, much less the Phoenix Project, until sometime in '86 >> Al Bielek

But here's the thing, people have found crew manifests of the Eldridge and there wasn't one Cameron on board that ship, never mind two, or even three as in some version of the story Duncan and Bielek had a younger brother Jim who had been there too and tragically died

Bielek had a website made at one point where he had his entire story written out, including a timeline of his lives and with that, pictures of him as Ed Cameron. Later a Marshall Barnes would prove that this alleged picture of Ed Cameron was stolen from a Princeton Yearbook

Duncan Cameron

Little is known about Duncan Cameron, the quietest of the four core Montaukians. The history we know about Cameron can only be gleaned from the story.

According to Bielek, he and Duncan were actually brothers in a previous life. In Duncan's first life, he was born in 1917, and would join his brother on the Philadelphia project, ultimately jumping into 1983 at the climax of the event.

Bielek says that when Duncan jumped back to 1983, he lost his "time lock", which caused him to age rapidly at a rate of a year per hour and he died in a few days. But the Montauk Project decided that Duncan was too valuable to let just die, they just needed a backup body.

the project group contacts Duncan Sr in 1947. They tell him about the situation tell him he needs to have a new son ASAP. He must've thought this was all cool beans, because he did. He was married to a different woman than Duncan's original mother, but apparently she was cool with her husband hooking up with his ex to have babies because the future said so. First they had a girl, which just wouldn't do and the project team sent him back to the bedroom.

A new Duncan is born in 1951, but due to time travel restrictions, they weren't able to implant his soul until Aug 12 1963. This new Duncan had no memory of having a brother or the Philadelphia Experiment, this is the Duncan that would grow up and join the Montauk Project in the early 1970s as a psychic consultant.

This Duncan would begin to recover his memories of the Montauk Project at the end of 1984, but never fully recovered the memories of his previous life. But according Nichols, while Duncan may not remember what happened with Montauk Project, Duncan's body did

"Upon visiting a doctor in 1988, Duncan's doctor commented upon the unusual scar tissue in his lungs. Previous research in or about 1986 indicated the Duncan was actually brain dead." - Preston Nichols - The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

Duncan's relationship with all of this is a bit of tenuous one. According to one John Quinn, in the fall of 1997 Duncan began to pull back from this whole thing

Cameron is now known to be primarily and observably influenced by a woman who became very close to him in late 1997 and who would appear to be a Monarch-type programmed agent herself. Since his association with this individual Cameron has retracted charges related to massive, horrendous, abusive mind control operations involving thousands of young people during the Phoenix/Montauk Project, now contending the project was only involved with time travel and interdimensional technologies. Nichols and Moon have both indicated that they feel Duncan has been put under some kind of control at the direction of his recent companion and her associates. - John Quinn

But this didn't stick. I don't know what became of the relationship, but it wouldn't be long before Duncan was back on board

In the last years of his life Duncan offered online services:

  • Personal energy clearing: $275 / Intensive personal energy field clearing: $600
  • Couple's Therapy: $350/hr: by phone or in person: Duncan helps couples understand and broaden their interpersonal boundaries using playful, joyful and non-threatening methods. Multiple sessions recommended
  • Dreamwalking: $400
  • Peaceful crossing: $300.00
  • Home clearing
  • Homes under 1850 sq feet - $435.00
  • Homes up to 3670 sq feet - $680.00
  • Homes up to 8680 sq feet - $930.00
  • Safe Flight $275

Duncan was doing conventions up until 2017

Preston B Nichols

Born in Long Island New York in 1946, Nichols alongside Al Bielek are the primary proponents of the Montauk Project. Outside of this, it's hard to find any information about him

Nichols claims to have degrees in engineering and parapsychology neither of which we can confirm

Preston soon explained to me that he actually did secure an engineering diploma from the University of Tampa, but it was given on the basis of a series of "challenge exams" where you established that you had the equivalent knowledge thereof. Preston had gone to school previously at Brooklyn Polytech where he quit after being disgusted with his professor for stealing his work. Preston was and is a genius and has always been. Far ahead of his peers when it comes to technical matters. He said that he never let Human Resources know about his engineering diploma as it was more advantageous for him to work as a tech due to the fact that he would receive generous overtime pay. >> Peter Moon, The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

It does appear that Nichols did indeed work for AIL, a skeptic named Marshall Barnes had called their HR department who confirmed it

Montauk isn't Nichols's only outlandish claim. He has claimed that he was once voluntold onto an Air Force contract to study foreign aircraft which turned out to be a UFO. He also has another favorite story wherein Mark Hamill actually directed the 1984 film the Philadelphia Experiment, and that he grew up with Hamill (who grew up in CA not Long island)

Nichols would frequently claim his life was at risk or someone was trying to shut him up

Mr. Nichols has survived all kinds of slings and arrows; unfortunately, not all of them metaphorical, by any means. In early September 1995 and again in May 1996, attempts were made against his life: the former by means of a staged, contrived auto "accident" which left Nichols seriously injured (he's since completely recovered) and the latter by means of a poison nerve gas attack, carried out by the driver of a car who cut Nichols off as he was driving -- forcing him to stop, at which point the gas was released. >> Peter Moon - The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

Between 1981 and 1999 Nichols hosted many panels at USPA conferences, most to do with fringe science related to radio technology

Peter Moon

I don't know a lot about Moon before Montauk became a thing. I know Moon is a pseudonym, his real name being Vince Barbarick and he had been in the Sea Org, part of scientology up until 1983, even claiming to have worked closely with LRH aboard the mystery ship Apollo

Moon portrays Hubbard as a white knight, one of the "good guys" engaged in psychic warfare against malevolent mind controllers and reality manipulators. Moon believes Hubbard to have been on the whole dedicated to the personal spiritual emancipation of human beings from programming of virtually any kind. That checks out, right?

He owns Sky Books, a publishing company he started in 1990 that he uses to publish Montauk related titles

It seems that Moon will be happy to ride the coat tails of Montauk for the rest of his life. In 1993 Moon began the Montauk Pulse newsletter to give people the newest updates in relation to Montauk. I found an issue from 2003, 24 pages long and only about 4 of them are original content, the rest is pretty much a catalogue for all things remotely related that can be purchased from Sky Books

Stewart Swerdlow - AKA Stan Campbell

The men I have spoken about thus far are characters unto their own, but Stewart Swerdlow is something else entirely. Swerdlow loves to make every aspect about his life magical, from his birth (his mother was told she would never conceive) to his own DNA, claiming to have multiple instances of alien DNA

Stewart was born in Long Island New York in the late 1950's. While in high school, Stewart was picked up at night and brought to Montauk He claims that only 1% of Montauk Boys survived. But Swerdlow wasn't just a victim, he actually became a programmer of Montauk Boys, because of his special powers

Nichols and Swerdlow have been connected since at least 1991, when Nichols was allegedly helping him recover memories of his childhood abductions. In their investigation they found that Swerdlow was abducted by 16 alien species.

Swerdlow has a LOT to say about his experience at Montauk, but I'll just mention two stories: he remembers that one of the bad guys on the base was named Hans Von Gruber, yeah the same name as the villain in Die Hard. He also once had a mission to travel back in time to meet Jesus

"His mission, as he remembers it, is to go find Jesus and do two things. First, he's supposed to remove a sample of blood and then he's supposed to kill Him. He finds Christ.. He {Christ} even volunteers to give him the sample of blood... Operating on his orders from Montauk, [Swerdlow] then reports on emptying a revolver into Christ..."

But unlike the other proponents, Swerdlow isn't just some guy with an unremarkable life telling stories. In 1992 Swerdlow was under investigation for bank fraud, in regard to a large embezzlement from his employer. Swerdlow said he had no memory of committing said fraud, he believed that the government had brainwashed him to siphon off funds

Swerdlow would eventually plead guilty, but later would say he was coerced. He was sentenced to 33 months in a federal prison. Swerdlow has done a very good job at scrubbing any articles about his arrest from the internet. He has been known to descend on forums where he is being discussed in a negative tone and threaten legal action to those talking and even the website. But it's not that he denies his time in prison, it's all part of his own narrative of the government's persistent efforts to "shut him up"

Here's a quote from Swerdlow's site about himself 

Stewart, a linguist who speaks ten languages, is an expert in deprogramming and determining which Illuminati programs are embedded in the mind-patterns of any individual. His mission is to help others heal themselves in a positive way, thus avoiding the negativity he experienced.

Also Swerdlow likes to call himself Dr. Rev Stewart A Swerdlow. You know this is going to get good

On, in 2008, a thread began discussing Swerdlow and his company Expansions

Expansions offers dozens of books on spiritual healing, aliens and more written by Swerdlow and his wife Janet. The program also claims to be able to help people overcome trauma, deprogram people and help scan your body for microchips with techniques all designed by Swerdlow. A common catchphrase by Swerdlow is

"you have probably been programmed - otherwise you wouldn't have found me".

Yet for such a wholesome mission, they do charge an awful lot and they LOVE to scare people into silence with threats of legal action or worse

A lot of the stories have similar undercurrents: how the Swerdlows seem only interested in money and fame. Allegedly the Swerdlows live in a million-dollar home (in 2008) on a large piece of land that they are constantly luring people to, making some sort of commune. They target wealthy people, women particularly. And put a lot of effort into isolating their victims, convincing them their partners, family, friends, even jobs are not their "true path" and that they should leave them.

There are so many stories, but one posted in 2011 I think gives the best insight

Jacaranda_tree tells a story of how they got involved with expansions in 2009. they had been a fan of his books and website so In March 2009 they reached out to him as they had some questions. they received no answers and was instead suggested to book a consultation with him for the low price of $325 for two hours 

jacaranda_tree September 20, 2011

"What I was told during that first consultation was highly disturbing. I was told that my current partner was not right person for me and that I should consider leaving her, as I would meet someone better. In fact, Stewart (and Janet later also) constantly tried to convince me that I should break off and cut my relationships to my family, my girlfriend, my friends; [...] Throughout my experience with Expansions at the time, I was constantly doubting myself, and my relationships to the people close to me."


In particular, however, I was informed that I was 'specifically programmed' and part of Satanic Sexual Rituals of the Illuminati (the shadow government). My own subsequent research into this matter (a subject which in turn is documented rather too well) left me with a very horrible impression and sensation of these rituals ... I was traumatized by this information for months.

Finally, and especially towards the end, the consultations, for which I paid, turned out to be counseling for Stewart, for a number of his personal issues. Not sure how I ended up there, but nonetheless, I ended up paying for consulting someone else. Indeed, very stupid for me to do so!

Swerdlow would go on tell Jacaranda that they were very special, a chosen one by the Kuiper's Belt aliens. And that they and other special agents were supposed to save the world 

"Of course, if you disagreed with any of what Stewart told you, [...] the Kuiper's Belt Aliens would simply switch you off, that is, you would no longer be a Kuiper's Belt Alien agent, and thus lose your unique chance to save this planet. At the same time I was told by Stewart that we had shared several life times together and that this was our "sacred mission"."

"As time went on, Stewart suggested and told me that it would be good to "deprogram" me, using what he calls, "Wilhelm Reich techniques". These are outlined in detail in his book "The True Reality of Sexuality".

In a nutshell, what happens is that the deprogrammer (in this case Stewart) masturbates you to the point of just before orgasm and keeps his 'client' there for as long as possible, while the mind 'de'-programs. After orgasm, the deprogramming session ends"

I have since learned that this is not an isolated case at all and that there are a number of people, who have reported the sexual stalking and harassment to the point of actual [sexual assault]. I can of course only speak for myself, but I was told by Stewart Swerdlow that he had sexually deprogrammed other people.

In Spring 2011, JT visited the Swerdlows at their home in MI and became aware of the many conflicts and small wars that the Swerdlows were engaged in, their opponents often people that they were once were very close with or business partners. The Swerdlows always explained that these people had their programming triggered and didn't know what they were doing. JT would later find most of these "attacks" were initiated by the Swerdlows themselves

After leaving JT would learn that they'd been put on a death list by the Swerdlows, along with 12-15 other former clients, friends or business associates 

The question one would have to ask is; if their message and work was so neutral and charitable, why are there so many disgruntled former clients and why would it be necessary to put these people on a hit list?

Some of the more outrageous claims made from their website include the following:

  • to only drink distilled water
  • that psychiatry is a form of mind-control
  • that the US government has created the HIV virus to eliminate the African populations in order to stop planet Niburu from invading
  • that planet Niburu was, however, destroyed in 2010
  • that Amy Winehouse died as part of a Satanic Ritual sacrifice
  • etc.

Another user had this to say:


His workshops, especially the 'insider's group' are "specifically" and extra 'programmed' to help destroy the Illuminati. In order to be able to join that group, the Expansions member has to cough up $10,000 and is told that s/he is "very important" to help fight the dark powers and the 'take-over of the planet' by alien forces and entities.

I found an event listing for 2005 for Expansions and listed was a bunch of questions that would be answered in that talk:

  • How does Sexuality Replicate the Original Creative Force of the God-Mind?
  • Is there a Global Plan to control humanity through Sexuality?
  • What does Masturbation have to do with God-Mind?
  • Why should you wait for the correct Sexual Relationship?
  • What do the Sexual Trinity of Love, Intimacy & Trust, and the Sexual Trinity of Mind-Control have in common?
  • How can Hyperspace Techniques help to conceive the best child for you?
  • How can people be Sexually Deprogrammed?
  • Why are Sexual Relationships difficult for Specifically Programmed People?
  • How do your Sexual Fantasies describe your personal relationship to the God-Mind?
  • What role does Group Sexuality have in bringing forth Physical Manifestations?

So in short, these are Halli's favorite kind of people and she lives only a couple hours away!

Speaking of Halli. Earlier today you were talking about QAnon, about it got me thinking. I did a google and found an interview by Laura Eisenhower with Stewart Swerdlow from 2018. Here is what he had to say

The Q movement, as I have subsequently found in this past year or so is legitimate. Q is not a person, it's a group. It's less than ten people; approximately nine, six of whom are deep military intelligence. The other three are alien/ extraterrestrial and they have been monitoring, for a very long time - they are connected, the extraterrestrial part - to what I have been talking about for the last 12-13 years, as being part of the Kuiper Belt group, which I know we will discuss in a moment and they have an agenda to remove the Deep State from this planet.

Factors to Consider


When you and your friends tell the same story for 30 years, things change with time. But these are easily dismissed when you can say that you're still recovering your memories and that you're probably still partially programmed

There's a youtube video titled "Montauk Survivors", the video is over 3 hours long and consists of Bielek, Nichols and Duncan telling their story. But even in this video they can't keep their stories straight. In the first hour Nichols says a couple of people were lost in time, in the 2nd hour he says no one was (and in the book he suggests hundreds)

There are some that believe the group is part of a government disinformation campaign team whose job it is to spread distortions, half-truths and falsehoods about the true nature and purpose of government mind control projects.

In Christopher Garetano's documentary the Dark Files, Garetano takes his two other hosts to Nichols's "lab" where a random guy is wandering around wearing a pot on his head. You can't make this up. As one of the hosts says something along the lines of "if you wanted to make sure no one believed this stuff, you couldn't hire better people" 

We have heard Alfred Bielek's rendition of the Philadelphia Experiment several times, from conferences, lectures, and videos years apart; his story is essentially the same, although one person who attended both days of a two-day lecture says that Bielek, after having had a contradiction in his story pointed out to him, incorporated the updated material in his lecture the next day in such a way as to imply that there had never been a contradiction. In other words, he is a master story-teller with a sincere, respectable demeanor - you just want to believe him - and he will plagiarize any information that comes his way if it enhances his tale.

Chris Ketchem GEAR magazine Nov 2001

From there, Nichols says, the Montauk narrative goes completely haywire, packed with so many subplots and sub-projects that you need a tree chart to track the twists and the players. Log on to one of 10,000 Montauk-related websites worldwide and you'll learn that the Montauk cabal had a hand in the "creation" of AIDS, the murder of JFK, the death of the dinosaurs, and quite possibly your negative credit rating as well. The Montaukians could find a conspiracy in a pizza crust. So by the time the six-volume Montauk series comes to its breathless close, it's no surprise the Camp Hero operatives are at long last outed as part of that mega-cabal, the New World Order elite, who are now, we learn, manipulating history through time travel.

I called up Dick White, 61, of the ancient clan of Montauk Whites, who has lived near the base his whole life. "[Peter Moon] called me and asked me about things that I had seen growing up here," White told me, "and then twisted my words to fit into this cockamamie story."

The Fanfiction

Usually when we see a conspiracy theory, the primary narrative is presented by one person. But in this case we have five people contributing to the core mythos: Nichols, Bielek, Cameron, Swerdlow and Peter Moon

Nichols and Bielek were by far the most prolific of the early storytellers, and they lived across the country from each other. We know that in 1991 is when Bielek added the Philadelphia Experiment to the mythos. Was this something they planned together, or just something he chose to do? The same can be said about making the claim that Duncan is his brother, Bielek says himself that Duncan didn't believe this for some time.

Anyone who has ever played dungeons and dragons knows how discomforting it is for other people to make choices about your character for you.  

Other Players

Barry Goldwater

Shortly after the USPA talk in 1986, Nichols claims they got a US senator involved in a private investigation into Camp Hero. This senator would be Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater is a real person, and indeed was a Senator of Arizona from 1953-1987 with a 4 year break in the 60s. He was a harsh critic of the republicans, which is fun because he himself was one. It sounds like he was a pretty cool dude advocating for the right for homosexuals to serve openly in the military, environmental protection, abortion rights and the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

So why Goldwater? In 1975, Goldwater admitted having an interest in UFOs. In 1994 for he made this famous statement on Larry King:

I think the government does know. I can't back that up, but I think that at Wright-Patterson field, if you could get into certain places, you'd find out what the Air Force and the government knows about UFOs ... I called Curtis LeMay and I said, 'General, I know we have a room at Wright-Patterson where you put all this secret stuff. Could I go in there?' I've never heard him get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out, and said, 'Don't ever ask me that question again!'

Interestingly, in the first edition of the book published in 1992, the Senator wasn't named. His name did not appear until the 2017 reprint. 20 years after Goldwater's death. I have been unable to find any evidence that Goldwater had anything to do with Montauk. While the story claims he took it on as a private investigation, I can't even find evidence of him being in Montauk

Joe Leffreno

Joe grew up in Montauk and today actually works for the parks service doing maintenance around the Camp Hero State Park. Joe believes that he is a Montauk Boy, claiming that in 1980/81 when he was 12/13 that's when he was first abducted. He recalled under hypnosis that a local boy whom no one knew very well invited him to bike to the base.

"I didn't believe it until [1994]. I was hypnotized [by a certified hypnotist] for about 40 minutes and all these memories flooded back. They did a very bad thing to us out there. We were just little kids. They had no right to experiment on us. It was a very dark, very evil thing."

Chris Garetano had a chance to interview Joe for his show Strange World he was doing for discovery. They met up at Camp Hero park to chat and before they could even get started, Joe's boss showed up and told him he wasn't allowed to give an interview. Garetano did get to speak with Joe a little later, but Joe was hesitant about saying too much at risk of his job 

Marshall Barnes - Bielek-Debunked

Over the years a myriad of people have tried to debunk these claims. One guy in particular, Marshall Barnes had the biggest, fattest hate-on for Bielek you can imagine. So much so that he made a now defunct website bielek-debunked and spent over a decade trying to counter Bielek's story

I have a one paragraph quote from Barnes that I think will tell you more than I ever could: 

"The Incunabula is probably the most important underground research document that I've ever come across. The Incunabula info preceded the release of the MP stuff and was what gave the MP stuff credibility for me. The Incunabula is the key to the whole "ball of wax" and is what those of us who are on the good side of the Secret Faith keep our focus on."

In case you forgot the Incunabula papers is all the evidence behind Ong's Hat, a story Nathan covered a long time ago. The Incunabula papers are also purely collaborative fiction. It's like if the authors of the Montauk Project came out and said it was all a joke. And this guy thinks they're the most important underground research documents he had ever seen

So as you can probably guess Barnes's issue wasn't to do with the theories themselves, but the PEOPLE.

"Skeptics are inherently stupid and their stupidity is based in fear. " - Marshall Barnes

So while Barnes makes some good connections and observations, a lot of is work needs to be taken with a grain of salt

Andy Pero AKA Mr. X AKA Mr Coffee

In Aug 1998 at Bob Eure's CIREAP group, Eve Lorgen tells of Nichols coming to speak about Montauk and with him, he brought a Montauk Boy, Andy Pero.

As my memory comes back I discover that I was not only used as an assassin but that I actually was one of the "Montauk boys" as well. ALL the events [Nichols] describes in his book are 100% true. However the fact that the project was supposedly abandoned at camp Hero in the year 1983 could not be farther from the truth. As I was also there sometime between the years 1988 and 1993? And the project is still going strong

After the event, Lorgen, Nichols and Andy go to a café and continue talking. Andy tells them that in 1998 he was arrested in his home in New jersey by local police on behalf of the FBI, aided by a complaint from his "vengeful-ex-girlfriend". He was thrown in a mental institute, but luckily was able to get out a couple weeks later

I was told recently by Preston Nichols that not long after the spring of 1999, Andy traveled to Arizona and got involved in some cult-perhaps to stay hidden and "out of the system". Maybe he got re-programmed by cult members. He then traveled out of country to Korea and to such exotic places as Nepal, Tibet and Kat Man Du. By mid-year 2000 Andy returned to the states, out of money. Andy went back to New Jersey to ask for money from his family, which resulted in another unfortunate incident. His family refused to give him money, so he took what he needed, a car and cash, by force. 

That is last we heard of Andy, but Andy had listed his full name and birth date in his original story so I googled.

In 2000 Andy was taken to court in New Jersey for alleged kidnapping and assault. The victim was Eleanor Pero, his mother. Eleanor was having breakfast when Andy appeared to snap, grabbing her and throwing her from the table. He would proceed to physically assault her and threaten her with a knife, the attack lasting 20 minutes

"the defendant was "making delusional remarks," saying that he did not come back to live in the house with video bugs so that "they could watch him." Eleanor also explained that her son believed that the FBI wanted to "clone him for his DNA because he has super powers." 

He would force her to drive to the bank to take out all her money for him, shortly after which she escaped to a nearby post office and called 911. He was charged with third degree criminal restraint and was imprisoned for some time

But that's not the end of Andy's story. On April 8th 2020, Andy was apprehended by Richardson Texas Police for the murder of an old friend from college. The case status at this time is still pending. For the most part the Montauk community seems unaware of Andy's activities post his story, or if they do know, they choose to ignore it 

John A Quinn - News Hawk

Quinn showed up in the late 1995, performing his own investigating into the Montauk, dragging his wife and child to Camp Hero in their exploration. In Jan 1998 Quinn published a series of online articles about his exploration into the Montauk Project titled Phoenix Undead and this is what he's most well known for.

Quinn claims to have talked to many individuals who claimed to be chase away from both inside and outside of the base with guns

"I am being subjected to harassment by local law enforcement, in what is clearly emerging as a similar pattern along with what has occurred recently with others connected to (investigating) the Montauk Project!"

"For unknown reasons county sheriff's deputies have been combing my neighborhood, asking every (male, I guess) person they came in contact with if they were me, if they knew me or knew where I lived. Apparently due to a missing address number the Keystone Kops were unable to locate my residence. Fortunately my neighbors don't like cops even more than they don't like me and graciously declined all knowledge of my whereabouts."

Quinn calls himself an internet reporter, and you can find his name all over dozens of other conspiracies. From claiming that NATO arrived at Columbine minutes after the shooting, (evidence of the New World Order) and claiming the JFK assassination plot was all organized by George Herbert Walker Bush. But Quinn's conspiracy writings have seemed to die off ~1999 either that or he went under a different name

John Ford

John Ford was a friend of Nichols and another Long island native that had a thing for UFOs, founding LUFON (Long island UFO network) and writing regular newsletters. In 1998 Ford was arrested for conspiring to murder 3 suffolk county executives through radium poisoning

The blame for it rests squarely on the shoulders of the UFO coverup. From everything I have endured and experienced I have developed the belief that the coverup is administered here on Long Island and partly expressed through the Suffolk County Police Department.

The police have also cooperated with the Feds in staging situations where they can discredit the reputation of individuals who are UFO witnesses. Their usual method is to run the witness (victim) into Stonybrook psychological department on either a suicide attempt charge or stating the person is acting strangely. From there either the person is usually confined or has been threatened by the police and psychiatrists into silence. They do this and I know for a fact they they do it because they did it to several key witnesses from the Southaven Park UFO crash case. Now they are doing it to me

Which is what exactly what happened according to Moon. Ford was never tried and instead was transferred to the Mid-hudson forensic psychiatric center where he still is today. According to Moon, Ford was drugged in jail and never given a proper opportunity to defend himself and was tricked into pleading insanity


  • Ford did have radium on his property, but within the legal amount and for the purpose of calibrating his Geiger counter
  • to poison someone to the point of death with it would've taken two decades

So what the hell happened? One night while bullshitting with some "buddies" he pulled a Joe Exotic and started joking about killing his political rivals with radium. But one of the people there that night really wasn't a buddy at all, and actually was wired by cops after telling them he thought Ford was a public threat

Ford and some of his friends were arrested.

When Ford's lawyer got on his case he found a record of four other but similar incidents of Ford running his mouth and getting into trouble. The lawyer believed his client had been subject to "selective prosecution" -- and is a victim of local politics. Rouse unsuccessfully sought a change of venue. He then pursued an insanity plea feeling it a better option than Ford going to prison and losing his pension. Four psychiatrists and psychologists determined that Ford was delusional and not fit to stand trial.

Ford's two "friends" that were arrested? They pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for giving testimony against Ford. Great "friends" there.

Ford didn't have to lie to get declared mentally unfit for trial, he just told the psychiatrists what he truly believed in. UFOs, government conspiracies the Montauk Project that kind of thing. While in the mental institute Ford wrote a 102 page manifesto titled "My statement to the media" some of his claims:

    • He has been a CIA agent since the age of 19, leading a life hidden from family and co-workers. He was not paid, so there is no record of him.
    • Ford was recruited to observe Soviet KGB agents in Queens, who tried to assassinate him five times.

Ford is baffled that him being insane is more believable than him being a spy

Some of his supporters are willing to believe the latter. "He seems to me to fit the profile of an agent," says Peter Moon, who publishes conspiracy books on Long Island.

But others, like Preston Nichols, think that spending 17 months in jail pushed Ford over the edge. "He's as loony as they come, but he's a coherent loon," says Nichols, the time traveler.

As of this month, Ford has been granted his first supervised furloughs from the psychiatric center since his commitment. It is the hope that he'll be granted unsupervised furloughs this year. If you want to know more about his situation links are here: /   

Donald Balcuns

A state security guard that the Montaukians love to hate on. Nichols, Quinn and more have all claimed encounters with Balcuns while they were explored the base (illegally mind you). Balcuns is said to have a hair trigger and the common theory is that he doesn't actually work for the state park, but actually the air force.

Quinn claims that on one visit to the base he had encountered a man pushing around a cloth stroller that was clearly empty. After Quinn began talking to some other people in the area the man came and yelled at them and told them the base was off limits. When Quinn told Nichols, Nichols confirmed that this was Donald Balcuns and that he too had encountered Balcuns a number of times even claiming to have gone to court in protest against one of the trespassing charges 

Jimmy Abbatiello

Written by Chris Ketcham

I got an urgent phone message. "I was the Montauk drummer," the person said, and gave his name as Jimmy Abbatiello. "I played on the mind control subliminal recordings," he explained. Of course: there was a house band at Montauk too, part of a "psychedelic rock 'n' roll" conspiracy. Abbatiello, a Long Islander now in his late 30s, was an unbalanced man, apparently. [...] Peter Moon told me that Abbatiello once had a parrot, his best friend, but the bird turned on him and Abbatiello had to kill it.

Proof and Disproof: The Story

The Philadelphia Experiment

Before Bielek, Montauk had nothing to do with the Philadelphia Experiment. The story of PX (as it's known to advocates online) has been around since the 1950s

The story is a funny one. In 1955 Morris K Jessup publishes his book "The Case for UFO's", a speculative analysis of the possible technologies that UFO's may utilize. Some time after publishing Jessup begins to receive letters from a Carlos Miquel Allende. Allende goes on to tell the story of how the USS Eldridge appeared in a puff of green smoke in Oct 1943 in Norfolk Virginia, all the way from Philadelphia PA. (Not the Aug 12 1943 that Bielek alleges)

Allende alleges he was on the civilian merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth, docked in Norfolk when this happened. There's a couple facts that destroy this claim:

  • The Eldridge was never in Philadelphia. The Eldridge and SS Furuseth were never in same port at the same time. Eldridge would go to Norfolk, on Dec 31 with four other ships, in the normal way
  • The Office of Naval Research, the department allegedly responsible for PX didn't into come into existence until 4 years after the incident

As expected, the Navy denies any such experiment happened.

In 1957 Jessup receives a call from the Office of Naval Research. They had received a copy of Jessup's book that had been heavily annotated by when appeared to be four different people. Jessup had only one guess on who could be responsible and provided all the letters he'd received from Allende. It was determined that these four authors were actually all Allende.

I guess two ONR officers found this particularly interesting and retyped the whole book with the annotations. 25 copies were made, and it became known as the Varo edition. And the rest is history, a couple copies of this book got out and with it the story of PX spread.

Ten years later in 1969, Allende appeared at the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization Tucson AZ office and confessed the whole thing was a hoax

In 1979, Allende would recant his statement and a journalist named Robert Goerman would be asked to investigate this guy. The main reason being that Goerman was from the same town that Allende was. On a trip home, Goerman was visiting his parents when he wound up in a conversation with the elderly neighbors, he'd known for years.

While chatting the topic turned to Goerman's work and he mentioned the story he was working on, trying to find out what the deal was with Allende, having discovered that Carlos Miguel Allende wasn't his real name, it was actually Carl M Allan. The elderly couple were very familiar with Carl, because he was their son

They then unloaded stacks of files and books that Carl had been sending them over the years. On the top was the Varo edition of Jessup's book, and inside it was autographed "Love, your son, Carl M Allen".

"Take what you need home with you, Bob," Harold Allen said, "and let's see more of you. But don't rush getting it back. We trust you." "Don't make us the target of kooks -- or reporters either. I'll help all I can, but hide my real first name and location. All the publicity could ruin my business."

Through these materials and conversations with Carl's parents and brothers, Goerman put together the puzzle of a man whose fanmail was responsible for creation of a 20-year-old legend

The whole article is great and I will link it on the website, but the cliff notes are:

  • Carl was gifted but disinterested, often instead turning his genius to elaborate pranks, once in 1956 feigning a heart attack so convincingly, the doctors had to run 3 EKGs just to confirm it wasn't actually a heart attack
  • Carl was self-deluded, telling his family that he'd "co-authored" a book with Jessup, as if scribbling all over Jessup's book was the same as co-authoring, but that's what he called it in the letter he'd sent to his father with the Varo edition.

Goerman had said to one of the brothers he would love to interview Carl

"You'll never nail Carl on this. Between changing the subject and changing his story whenever anyone gets close, well, I wish you luck."

In 1969 when Carl announced the whole thing was a hoax he told the APRO that the whole intention of the letters was to encourage the ONR into research and discourage Jessup from his own research. He never once expected the letters or book to be published, but when they were he decided to lay low, hoping the furor would die down. It didn't, material was continuing to be published citing Carl as a source and that's what drove him into the APRO's office to confess

But something changed his mind and he volunteered himself to be interviewed for a book about PX that was published in 1978, bringing him back into the spotlight. He would continue to offer scant interviews with believers up until his death on March 5th, 1994 at the age of 68

Despite many declarations that Carl's testimonies were a hoax, interest has barely wavered over the years. In 1984 the Philadelphia Experiment film would be released and four years later, Bielek would see it and add it to his ever-evolving history.

But what if Bielek's whole discovery of the Philadelphia Experiment was total bullshit? You see, Bielek has been involved in UFO and conspiracy circles since the 60s. Thanks to some excellent sleuthing by, we know that in 1966 Bielek gave someone a copy of his copy of the Varo Edition. He had the source material for PX since the 60s. Make of that what you will

The Montauk Project

The Famous First Talk

There is a lot said around the famous first talk that Nichols did in 1986. We already know there's contradictions, that Bielek was already friends with Nichols, despite Nichols later claiming it was because of that talk they got involved.

In a 2017 issue of the Montauk Pulse, Moon claims that when Nichols went to do the talk, he was confronted by agents who tried to stop him and they got into a yelling match. The guy we see in the video does not seem like someone that got into a fight beforehand, he's very relaxed, bantering with the USPA moderator and the audience. The moderator was a man named Bob Beutlich, one of the founding members of the USPA, who unfortunately is no longer with us

But his son is. I got in contact with Scott by pure accident when I was having troubles placing my order for a copy of this talk. We had exchanged emails and even chatted on the phone. While Scott grew up around the USPA conferences and many of those involved, he personally didn't really know Nichols but described him as someone who was pretty unflappable and a good showman.

When it comes to Nichols and that talk, my personal belief is that argument didn't happen. As in the talk, he wasn't telling his story, he was telling the story that two ex-military men had told him. He wasn't claiming these as his own memories yet, despite his book saying he did.

Real History of Camp Hero

So what is the deal with camp hero? Camp hero was built in 1942 as part of the air force's coastal defense network in WW2. In 1960 the SAGE radar tower was installed, but both it and the base were decommissioned in 1981 and given to the state in 1984. It was opened to the public as a park in 2002

Major Miles Martin was the base's last commander serving from July 1978 to its closing in 1981. He says the number of personnel was at 120 when he took over, vs the 206 at the height of the cold war. As the base slowly was decommissioned, these numbers dwindled so in November 1980 Martin held a base-closing ceremony, two months before it would officially be decommissioned, while there would still be enough people to attend

The 773rd Radar Squadron operated Montauk Air Force Station from 1951 to 1981, but according to

Airman first class David Ackerman many of people that worked at the base were civilians. You'd think if you were doing top secret experiments you wouldn't want civilians poking around

In the book Nichols alleges the base was decommissioned 1969, this does not align with the known history of the base. He also alleges that from 1970 until 1983 the base was used by the Montauk Project, considering it was supposedly still active until January 31 1981, that doesn't check out

Alas, the conspiracy din continues loud enough that some of those associated with the base - including one of the radar veterans' groups - will not even answer questions from reporters unless they are assured that the article is not going to give credence to, or focus solely on, what one called "some hokey UFO/mind-control/government-conspiracy/ time- travel nonsense."

Explosives and Toxicity on the Camp Hero Grounds

Over the years those interested in exploring the fabled location of the Montauk Project ran into a myriad of troubles, as for a long time the base was completely closed to the public. So naturally people would break in. Conspiracy theorists would say it was off limits because the military is afraid of what people would find. But there were also reports of armed landmines and hazardous chemicals in the area. Where is the truth?

Don Bender, a local historian had this to say:

"To make this park really accessible, you had to clean out asbestos, deal with unexploded ordnance, demolish old buildings and towers that are decrepit and could be dangerous to people. That tends to have a low priority in the federal government. They work very slowly."

Airman first class David Ackerman says this:

There were some areas on the base that were considered "off limits," but I can't remember where they were. There would have to be some place to store radioactive material because components used in the radar transmitters were radioactive."

Chris Garetano

"the park brochure says not to use a cellphones because of the unexploded ordnances, but really. If you were the U.S. government, would you allow tourists to walk around where there were unexploded land mines? And count on them to not use their cellphones?"

In 2019, the air force released a fact sheet about Camp Hero:

In 1993-94 clean up had to be done because of a diesel fuel spill in the area. February 2000 an investigation was done into the impacts of a 1945 training exercise that used diluted chemical agents was conducted. "The probability of encountering any of this material at the site has been deemed unlikely."

  • In August 2003 military munitions/ordnances were identified within the area that require removal, pending funding. Until it can be completed those living in the area will be made aware of the dangers
  • Between 2016-2018 an extensive investigation was conducted to look for hazardous or toxic wastes. Over 1,300 soil, sediment, surface and groundwater samples were tested. The result was no further action required

Project Cost

Estimated Federal Cost:

$4,500,000 (Remedial Investigation - CERCLA/HTW)

$14,000,000 (Remedial Investigation-Military Munitions)

Also there's a 120 ft, 70 ton radar antenna on the base that has begun to rust. No one wants to be responsible if that falls on someone. Speaking of a radar antenna!

SAGE Radar

The SAGE radar is a big part of the project, the antenna's transmissions being the source of the mind controlling waves. SAGE stands for Semi-Automatic Ground Environment. Around 20 SAGE towers were built across the US in the late 50s/early 60s. These towers created a network that help the US defend against Soviet air attacks and were a big part of the cold war defense. The one in Montauk is known as AN/FPS-35 type tower and has the SAGE designation of Z-45. It was the last tower to be decommissioned in Jan 1981 and is the only one whose antenna is still intact but at this point it's so rusted it can't rotate anymore.

There are reports that while the tower was functional anyone living within a 6 mile radius of the tower noticed its effects

Vinny Grimes " back in those days the antenna drove us nuts, every time it went around you would get snow on the tv" they tried all sorts of tvs to no success

Russell Drumm: "There is a whole generation of Montaukers who learned not to hear the ZZZZZt that sounded every 12 seconds on their radios beginning in the early `60s and ending in 1979". 

Could Radar Transmissions Actually Control You?

The things that Nichols claims these transmissions are capable of are pretty fantastical, but is there any precedence? Well, what is radar?

  • Radar transmits electromagnetic waves out into the world, when they hit something, they bounce back and hit the receiver the receiver sends the data it receives into a computer where it's turned into something we humans can understand. It's humanity's answer to not being able to echo locate
  • What are electromagnetic waves? Well, everything. Light, sound, everything. Looking at your cat is electromagnetic waves of light bouncing off them back into your eyeballs.
  • Electromagnetic waves are made of tiny packets of energy called photons. The energy carried by each photon is determined by the frequency of the wave. For example, low frequency waves like AM radio have photons that carry itty bitty amounts of energy, where X-rays contain a lot of energy enough to pass through the human body or even metal
  • When photons interact with atoms it can be 'absorbed' by an electron giving that electron all its energy, this can cause the electron to orbit slightly further from the atom. If a photon with enough energy hits an atom, it could knock that electron free. Which can be bad.
  • Low energy photons like AM radio waves don't have enough energy to fuck with things, but with enough energy it can damage things like DNA, cause aging or even cancer. This is why you wear a lead vest when you're getting your teeth xray'd
  • Humans have a pretty good idea of which frequencies will be problematic, the general consensus is starting in the low ultraviolet space of the spectrum. This is why looking at the sun is bad, as it let's off ultraviolet light and burns your retinas! Science is fun!
  • The frequencies that are mostly thought to be harmless create non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation is that kind that turns you into a mutant
  • Ok so if low frequencies like AM radios are harmless and the sun will make you blind, where does radar stand?
  • AM radio is between 540 KHz and 1600 KHz (1.6 MHz)
  • Ultraviolet light is around 30 petahurtz up to 750 terahurtz. Also known as a fuck-ton.
  • The SAGE tower in Montauk was designed to operate between 420-450 MHz, this is tiny!
  • You know those xray machines they use to scan people at airports? They fall into he microwave range of 300 MHz- 300 GHz. Which brings us to the question: if 420-450 MHz is all it takes to control your mind, why aren't the TSA and dentists ruling the world?
  • Because they don't have a powerful psychic attached, duh!
  • I'll leave you with this, it requires an RF field of above 10 GHz to penetrate bare human skin. That is over 20 times more powerful than SAGE tower in Montauk. So even with a psychic, I doubt you would be penetrating someone's skull miles away and implanting thoughts.
  • You are also likely exposed to frequencies a couple times more powerful than the SAGE tower on a daily basis, probably even at this moment. Considering wireless internet is broadcasted on 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. 

The Science

Throughout the book are illustrations made by Nichols about how the technology worked. Most of it is so far beyond my understanding of electronics but Steve Volk took a crack

I had a couple of electrical engineers look them over and neither thought the diagrams displayed any meaningful competency. I invite any believers, skeptics or strictly neutral parties with an interest in the Project to submit the drawings to still-more electrical engineers. Perhaps my guys are wrong.

The Acid House

Documentarian Chris Garetano has spent decades looking into Montauk and he's seen a lot of strange and compelling things. He would meet a man named Brian Minnick. Minnick had grown up in Montauk and was a teenager in the 90s. He and friends used to love sneaking onto the base and exploring, they even started bringing a video camera. They filmed hundreds of hours of their explorations and they got caught and arrested many times.

Among some footage from 1995, there's film that showed what looked like multiple underground floors that weren't supposed to exist, but even stranger was a whole house, each room different, the walls painted in elaborate and bizarre patterns, but expertly. The floor, ceiling, outlets and switches having clearly been taped off while the rooms were painted. This wasn't simple vandalism

It reminded Garetano a lot of acid rooms used in hallucinogenic experiments. It is definitely strange, but it's not entirely out of the question that the rooms had been painted by vandals. But we will likely never know for sure. As the house has long since been demolished

Glimpses of footage of these rooms can be found in this video

The Effect on Wildlife

One of the many pieces of "evidence" about what happened at Montauk is the behavior of local wildlife. Nearly all proponents of this theory claim that there is no wildlife at camp hero. Yet you read about anyone else exploring the base not for the purpose of the conspiracy theory tell how it's just lousy with deer

Speaking of deer, one of the oft repeated stories is that during the Montauk Project deer were driven into town and smash through windows etc. Steve Volk had a chance to ask some locals about it and this is what they said:

"Locals laugh this off, ascribing this often-retold tale mostly to a single incident: A deer lost its footing while running through town, slid into a closed tavern door, righted itself and galloped off."

History of Rumors

Everything I have read about Montauk always states that there have always been rumors of secret government projects in Montauk, but finding actual statements from before Nichols 1986 talk hasn't been an easy thing. So I resorted to combing Montauk newspaper archives. Unfortunately, not many of them have been digitized, so I could only review the article indexes, but nothing in there screamed government conspiracy, unless all the local fishing reports was a secret code I missed

Testimonies against rumors

As expected, many of the Montauk locals think this whole thing is completely ridiculous

In a 2016 interview Richard Whelan, president of the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society and a big military history buff had this to say: 

"When I write my historical encyclopedia of East End places, one thing I'll ignore is that. There's nothing behind it. It's just about selling books. For people who live here, there is no mystery."

In 1982, a year after the camp closed, Whelan went exploring: 

"A lot of the base camp buildings were still there. At the time, you turned down the main street where the church is. We started down that street and there were deer on the road, but of course no people or cars."

Whelan talks about how the radar tower wasn't even locked at the time and he was able to go up to the top and said the view was spectacular, but nothing was really suspicious. Even though, according to Nichols the Montauk Project should have still been active at this time

Whelan talks about how in 1984, before the area was donated to the state, the GSA had put the property up for sale, but Whelan and many other locals went and protested and that's what got the property handed to the state

"The western portion is what was called the Point Woods and it's one of the only old growth areas in Montauk that was never cut down. The Point Woods still has specimen size oak trees and, most notable to me, is the beautiful understory of mountain laurel and American holly - I'm going to guess some of them are 150 years old."

Camp Hero ~1950s-1960s
Camp Hero ~1950s-1960s

Local newspapers got in on the Montauk Project hype. In 1997 the East Hampton Independent ran an article on the story. They reported receiving a number of calls supporting the theory including one from a woman -- afraid to identify herself -- who told them that she was so glad that some information was finally coming out about the situation; also that her husband was currently working in the subterranean facility; she said she knew for a fact that there were nine levels underground and that some of these levels were vast in size

Donald E. Bender grew up on Long Island, explored the base as a kid, and now heads the privately-run Cold War Research, which advises the military on preservations issues surrounding abandoned sites like Camp Hero. He's become so exasperated with the proliferation of Montauk legends that he set up a website to debunk them. 

 "I know of no evidence that suggests anything even remotely sinister took place at the Montauk Air Force station, '" he said. "The base was a small, closely knit community, which seems the worst choice of venue to conduct clandestine experiments. I mean, the Air Force even issued hundreds of passes to local fisherman so that they could have access to the shore."

"If there's anything really weird going on, it's probably happening in the Hamptons."

But the Montauk Project isn't the only spooky story about the area. In Nov 2021, Bess Rattray wrote a blog telling the story of a strange 8 foot tall apparition carrying chains with a really small head that she and others encountered in the area in her teens and in Chris Garetano's Strange Files, he spoke to some locals that talked about in the 70s trucks would go around spraying chemicals, which seemed to make people walk around like zombies

The Aliens

I mean how do we not talk about the aliens? All of the Montaukians talk about the alien's involvement and the implications of galactic politics. From the king of the reptilians that liked to get drunk on Drano to the sirians that provided the original Montauk chair designs

While being interviewed once, Bielek was asked which aliens had the most control over humans

The Orion group. They're the weasels in the background that manipulate everybody, including the Greys. The Orion group includes the various reptilian species. [...]For a long time they were hoping to crossbreed. It didn't work properly. That was one of the side issues of the Montauk-Phoenix project, to find ways of crossbreeding. They never did fully solve the problems.

Another Bielek anecdote

Also there were a lot of little greys that got underfoot. There were other groups there who took no part in the project, but were there as observers and the group from Antares, very human, very happy, jovial people. You couldn't tell them from a human spirit. In fact, I don't think you could anatomically either. Why they were there, I don't know. They didn't do anything. They were observers.

Time Travel

Well time travel. Are there words? My knowledge of physics isn't nearly strong enough to debate the possibility of time travel. So instead I'll leave you with this: for a long time, Bielek claimed the following

"No one has picked up a tangible future beyond 2012 AD. There is a very abrupt wall there with nothing on the other side. Prophecies speak of earth changes around then. Curious, isn't it?"

Of course, that aspect of the story was quickly dropped when the world kept spinning  

Aliester Crowley and the Camerons

Jack Parsons, Cameron and LRH
Jack Parsons, Cameron and LRH

One of the more out-of-left-field contributions to the story is that Aleister Crowley is somehow related to all this. Based on something that Nichols said, Moon investigated

To my surprise, however, I discovered something very odd that would end up serving as a catalyst or pivotal guidepost for the Montauk Project investigation. In his autobiography, Confessions, Crowley not only mentioned visiting Montauk Point, he mentioned that a certain "Duncan Cameron" was one of his closest friends

This is total bullshit btw. I found a copy Crowley's autobiography and Montauk was not mentioned anywhere within the text. It does mention that Crowley had some friends a Mr and Mrs Cameron, but the name Duncan is nowhere to be seen

This line of reasoning would lead Moon on quite the adventure. In early 1946, Jack Parsons and LRH would participate in a ritual known as Babalon working, inspired by Crowley's ideas of sex magick, they tried to manifest a divine feminine called Babalon. After the first ritual, Jack would meet Marjorie Cameron, believing her to be the elemental he and LRH had summoned. Marjorie and Jack would later marry

Moon became obsessed with his idea of the Camerons, even connecting Duncan to the MK-ULTRA practitioner Dr. Ewen Cameron and LRH. Oh and LRH was the good one, fighting for the forces of good. I don't know why, but Moon and Duncan eventually had a falling out, but I have a strong suspicion it has something to do with ALL OF THIS


When the Montauk Project comes up, there's usually a mention of Brookhaven National Laboratory somewhere in the mix. BNL was set up by the federal government in 1947 to conduct research into atomic science and develop civilian uses of nuclear technology.

BNL is located a little under two hours from Camp Hero. In context of this story, it is considered the place where the Montauk Project was conceived. But that's all theory, here is what we do know

There have been issues with them accidently polluting local drinking water with radioactive substances, costing the department of energy over $580 million dollars to clean up. And even as recently as 2019, a suit has been brought against them for exposing employees to TCE (trichloroethylene). TCE is top tier carcinogen, the kind recognized by the EPA and WHO as the life-threatening cancer-causing kind

But I didn't come across anything about mind control or stealth technology. Sounds to me they have enough problems as is

Plum Island

Off the coast of the northernmost tip of long island is a small island known as plum island. This charmingly named island is owned by the government, all access is strictly controlled by the department of homeland security.

In 1954 it became the site for Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC), established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). A federal research facility erected in response to outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in cattle Mexico and Canada. In 1992 the island was opened up to news media for the first time, which might have been a bad choice on their part as three years later the Department of Agriculture was issued a $111,000 fine for storing hazardous chemicals on the island

In 2000 the institute wanted to expand their work to include human diseases but local activists shut that right down. The Wall Street Journal reported in January 2002 that many scientists and government officials wanted the lab to close, believing that the threat of foot-and-mouth disease was so remote that the center did not merit its $16.5 million annual budget

Plum Island has experienced outbreaks of its own, including one in 1978 in which the disease was released to animals outside the center, and two incidents in 2004 in which foot-and-mouth disease was released within the center

As of right now it is slated for closure in 2023, with work moving to a new lab under construction in Manhattan Kansas. This will be a level 4 laboratory meaning that it can study human diseases as well

Fun fact! Some people believe that Lyme Disease, first seen in nearby Lyme Connecticut was actually a biological weapon made at this facility. Despite evidence of Lyme disease existing prior to this lab

The Montauk Monster

In July 2008 a mysterious animal carcass washed up a few miles west of Camp Hero. The creature, a quadruped of indeterminate size, was dead when discovered, and was assumed by some to have come from Plum Island. You probably know this as the Montauk Monster. The photo went viral, particularly because it's so difficult to tell what the hell it is. Some swear it was a decomposing raccoon others say it was a diseased dog or coyote that had been at sea for some time, a rodent of some sort experiment gone awry.

To make matters more mysterious, no one knows what happened to the body, so we likely will never know exactly what it was. To me though, it does look like a raccoon

AIL Systems Inc - Melville - Airborne Instruments Laboratories + ITT

AIL the place that Nichols worked at for 20 years, including during the time he was also supposedly working on the Montauk Project. Nichols claims that while working at AIL a whole matter of strange things happened, he eventually concluded that AIL had to have something to do with the Montauk Project.

AIL was founded at the end of WW2, quickly becoming a leader in development of radar technologies for such applications as air and vessel traffic control systems and the automatic landing system for the Space Shuttle.

Fun fact! From 1981 until his death in 2002, Neil Armstrong was on the board of directors of AIL. Bet you weren't expecting that

So yes, AIL did accept military contracts. As Nichols claims that the Montauk Project was a military incentive, and AIL was nearby and specialized in radar technology, it's entirely possible if the Project were real they would hire AIL. But the most damning piece of evidence, is when ITT acquired AIL in 2007

AIL has gone through a series of mergers and acquisitions since 1958, but ITT has a role in this story. Nichols believed that ITT was the big bad corporation behind everything and was the newest iteration of Nazi sympathizers, the Krupp family, who had manufactured munitions for the Nazis in WW2. This is not the case, but it does turn out that ITT did seem have some shady business with the Nazis, though none of it has been proven conclusively 

August 12th 2003

A map of the effected area
A map of the effected area

One factor of the Montauk Project is biorhythms. Nichols states that the world has 20-year biorhythms, that every 20 years, peak strangeness occurs. So 1943 was the Philadelphia Experiment, 1963 is when Duncan was transferred to his new body and 1983 is when the Montauk Project imploded. According to this trend, the next biorhythm year would be 2003.

Both Bielek and Nichols allegedly predicted that between Aug 10-14th of 2003 there would be a blackout. According to Peter Moon the "world's largest blackout" occurred on August 14th 2003

There indeed was a very large blackout that occurred that day. This impacted Northeastern US and Central Canada, knocking out power from 2 hours to 4 days depending on your location. The blackout was caused by a software bug in the alarm system of FirstEnergy an electric utility company

Now. It's not the largest blackout in history, but the 2nd after the 1999 blackout in Brazil. It is estimated that about 10 million people in Canada and 45 million in the US were impacted. So there was a blackout but I never found any evidence of Nichols of Bielek's prediction prior to the event

But hey, Aug 10-14th 2023 would be the next peak strange times. Want to make some predictions?

Real Projects like Montauk

While it's easy to laugh at all this, just the sheer ridiculousness of it, the fact is that there have been real projects that with similar elements

  • Operation Sea-Spray 1950: The US Navy sprayed large quantities of a bacteria over San Francisco infecting dozens and killing at least one person
  • MKUltra: MKUltra ran from 1953-1973, an illegal human experiment ran by the CIA in hopes of finding a method of mind control, using any method you could think of: psychoactive drugs, chemicals, electroshock, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture. Its victims were unwitting US and Canadian citizens and animals. The experiments were conducted at more than 80 institutions: colleges, universities, hospitals, prison, pharmaceutical companies. Many of the files were destroyed in 1973, but in 1977 a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents on the project. And there's still things we don't know. There is information that only was declassified in 2001, we may never know all the details
  • Operation Plumbbob: In 1957 a series of atmospheric nuclear tests were done in Nevada as part of Operation Plumbbob. It's estimated the effects of this radiation could've been responsible for 11,000-212,000 excess cases of thyroid cancer
  • US Army Biological Warfare Tests: From 1963 to 1969, as part of Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD), the U.S. Army performed tests which involved spraying several U.S. ships with various biological and chemical warfare agents, while thousands of U.S. military personnel were aboard the ships. The personnel were not notified of the tests, and were not given any protective clothing

The Base Today

The bowling alley at Camp Hero today
The bowling alley at Camp Hero today

There are still many that claim that the project didn't stop in 1983. For some years after the alleged closing, many people commented that they had seen that radar change position, to them indicating it was still on. But the radar was in safe mode, allowing it to move with the wind to reduce resistance. This eventually stopped as the mechanisms have rusted

Much of the land around the base has been turned into a family friendly picnic area. But there are still sections of the base that are closed off to the public because of the hazards. To enter the base a permit is required. As per local reporter Jerry Cimisi:

"I got the permit through the Parks Department, but a Parks Department employee follows you in a car, discreetly, like around a 100 feet back. And you're not allowed to go inside any of the buildings,"

Steve Volk has this to say about the current state:

Believers in the Montauk Project raise further questions about security at the base,[...] From my point of view, however, restrictions preventing trips underground or walks through hazardous areas reflect typical bureaucratic concerns about liability. Shots of the base's old radar tower are dramatic, revealing panels missing from the big heavy dish-panels that weigh hundreds of pounds. Putting up a fence, lest people get killed, strikes me as a necessary safety precaution.

But there is something that was found recently during one of Garetano's documentaries

Volk: The show does end with the discovery of some unidentified structures or anomalies beneath the ground, which might be consistent with a fuel storage tank or could represent... something else. I find that discovery interesting, but it doesn't even begin to confirm the Montauk Project: It's one thing to find a structure underground, after all, and quite another to discover what happened there.

Chris Garetano has stated in a podcast that when he was speaking to the geoscan technicians off-camera one of them said that it did look like scans he'd seen of mass graves, but there are many other more likely causes for those readings

Below are screenshots from The Dark Files featuring the geoscans and location of the scans

The Montauk Boys and the Sex Aspect

The Montauk Boys are a part of the legend that many people become particularly interested in and is the role that most alleged survivors claimed to have had. The number of Montauk Boys that have since grown up and recovered their memories is staggering and more are coming out every day

The story is that these children would be kidnapped and mentally broken down to nothing. Through physical, psychological torture and through sexual release. That's the part that tends to get glossed over a lot

Nichols, Duncan and Swerdlow all have strong beliefs that at the point of sexual release the human mind becomes very susceptible to suggestion. Their beliefs rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich most famous for his discovery of "orgone" or orgasmic life energy

While new ageists love to remember Reich for the cancer curing energy of orgone and how the government tried to suppress him by arresting him, where he'd die in prison as martyr. There's a lot of aspects that are blatantly ignored.

There's so much to Reich that deserves to be covered in a topic on orgone, but here's what important:

  • Reich was mentored by Sigmund Freud, but instead of being obsessed with his mother he became obsessed with the healing powers of sex. This wasn't all bad, he brought free sex education, mental health and contraceptive devices to the working class of Vienna in the late 1920s
  • But his ideas slowly grew more outlandish, discovering orgone in 1939 and establishing the Orgonomic Infant Research Center in 1950. In the years following many of the child patients would come forward claiming sexual abuse by their therapists, though there were no allegations against Reich specifically
  • In 1951 he discovered DOR deadly orgone radiation, this is the research used in Montauk
  • When he began to claim his orgone devices and research could cure cancer, people got worried and he was reported to the FDA, this resulted in one of the largest mass censorships in US history, with the burning of 6 tonnes of his books and research materials
  • His life's work essentially banned, his mental state deteriorated, and he became obsessed with the idea that UFOs were attacking the earth and would take his son to hunt them.
  • In 1956 he was imprisoned where he would remain until his heart failed in Nov 1957
  • Lore Reich Rubin, one of Reich's daughters, and a psychiatrist believes her father had bipolar and likely was the victim of childhood sexual abuse, which could explain his fixation on sex throughout his life.
Orgone Crystals
Orgone Crystals

If you know about Sherry Shriner this probably sounds strangely familiar, as her own life trajectory really lined up with her inspiration

Reich wasn't the only person to study orgone though. In 1941 he brought his discoveries of orgasmic energy to Albert Einstein, who, ever the scientist, naturally tested all these theories. He concluded that there was nothing substantial to this theory. Reich claims Einstein's rejection was a communist plot

Nichols, Duncan and Swerdlow all believe that sexual healing is a big part of deprogramming. There are dozens of accounts of Swerdlow and his wife using this as an excuse to coerce their 'patients' into sexual relations. Swerdlow is a voracious conman that has been peddling his services and wares on the international scale for over 20 years. While Duncan and Nichols never did such a thing as far as I can find

If we suspend all disbelief and accept that healing through sexual contact is actually a thing, it doesn't change the fact that there are patients of this care that feel victimized and taken advantage of. What occurs between two consenting adults is one thing, if you believe in this and know others that do and you want to exercise that kind of "therapy" amongst yourselves, go to town just be safe. But children cannot consent, and consent under coercion or duress is not true consent. And we must consider the power dynamics that come into play in these scenarios, when you position yourself as an all-knowing guru immediately the power balance is at odds, and we have seen this time and time again with cults and celebrities

While Swerdlow is clearly a predator, Nichols is where things get a little greyer. Like Swerdlow, Nichols did offer deprogramming services but as far as I can tell, it's not something he ever charged for or advertised. People sought him out. 

The following information is from an article in "GEAR" magazine, titled, "It Came from Outer Space", Nov 2001, pp. 76-82, by Chris Ketchum. Ketchum visited Montauk and spent months investigating the conspiracy 

Anthony Kraft

Nichols had many fans. One was a 20-year-old named Anthony Kraft [name changed], a kid who had been in and out of institutions for years.

Julia fell in love with Kraft 10 years ago, when she was 15. She dated him on and off for eight years, and she watched as what she calls the "Montauk crap" began to rule his life.

Julia gave Chris Ketcham the phone number to Kraft's brother. While Ketcham never was able to connect with Kraft, between Julia and his brother, he was able to piece together the tragic story of a boy

Kraft was the eldest of three boys; his father died in a plane crash when he was eight. His mother, unable to cope with him -- he had been suicidal from the age of five -- put him away in a group home, where he was abused by other boys.

Kraft claimed "all kinds of strange things," one woman who dated him, a 37-year-old named Alexandra "Chica" Bruce, told me. "This was after he went to a lecture by Preston in 1995. He really believed that he had been mind controlled. He started saying that I was involved, too, that I was an assassin from another planet. I would get calls from him at four in the morning: 'Quick! Write this down: I am master of the Moonstone.' I was having nightmares associating with him."

Julia said he was an alcoholic who liked to bang his head into walls. She once tried to stop him, but he threw her across the room, said he was a werewolf, watch out. He had always been obsessed with demonology, pre-Sumerian gods. When he read about Montauk in 1995, it was simply a matter of making the switch from one set of gods to another.

Julia told Ketcham that there were at least 25 hardcore Montauk Boys in the mid and late 90s. They read the books, contacted Nichols through Moon, and then made the pilgrimage, sometimes from as far off as CA and New Mexico.

Kraft's own brother would buy into the hype as well, claiming to have begun recovering his own memories in 1997

Nichols said he couldn't effect his deprogramming over the phone. He needed to conduct a "hand-scan", his "Reichian energy probe", and that meant physical contact. At age 19, Kihl [Kraft's brother] left his family in Arizona to come to Long Island and ended up staying three years.

"They never had formal gatherings, it was usually just hanging out," Julia told me. "Anthony and Brandon rented a place together, and Preston would come to the house, and there'd be four or five guys sitting around. Each guy would go into a bedroom with Preston, alone, and they'd come out wild-eyed with all sorts of stories, and Preston would come out covered in sweat. And every week there was a new story, a new discovery."

Indeed. There was Kraft as an operative of the Project, an interstellar assassin; Kraft who went back in time and created the universe; Kraft and Kihl who were twins from the "21st parallel dimension"; Kraft as an age-regressed Vietnam veteran; Kraft as a '60s rock star (he even had a hit song, "My Baby Loves Love", singing lead for the band Edison Lighthouse).

"The crap they would spew!" said Julia. "Anthony was being confused by it all, and how could he not, with all the information he was being fed. He was told to seek inside his own mind, and whether it was dreams or past-life memories or stories he'd read, he was told it was all fact. If I thought that all the things I dreamed were true, I'd be insane."

Ketcham asked Kraft's brother about the treatment that Nichols had provided, and he responded without hesitance

According to Kihl, the subject undresses and lies down. Nichols massages the legs and arms and chest and head, "scanning" for frequencies. [...] Nichols masturbates the subject until the edge of orgasm, freezing the subject in a kind of pre-orgasmic dream-state that was supposed to reverse, and thereby nullify, the "sexual magic" of the Montauk Chair. [...]

Stewart Swerdlow, Jimmy Abbatiello, and at least 12 others had all been "deprogrammed" in this manner. This was how they discovered their involvement in the Project, and they gladly submitted, for they believed, needed to believe. "None of us ever had a problem with the process," said Kihl. "The process was always very regimented. It was straight-out work. There was never anything uncomfortable about it. Often, there were multiple people present, observers taking notes."

If you grew up and spent your entire life in the western United States, I asked, then when exactly were you at Camp Hero?

Kihl sighed. He didn't know for sure. "Well, from what I've been told [by Preston Nichols], there were times when I was out there." He faltered. "I don't know. There's a lot that I don't know. But as time goes on, everything seems to just reassure me that I was involved."

I had a lot of questions, and of course I would get no straight answers. Was the "deprogramming" simply closet homosexuality, the "conspiracy" an elaborate denial mechanism? Was Nichols a pathologic predator feeding his Boys information under hypnosis, toying with them, in effect brainwashing them?

It was a consensual one, too, perfectly legal; the boys were all of age, and some, like Stewart Swerdlow, were middle-aged and married. No one I know of has ever come forward to attack Preston's motives, or impugn him with charges of sexual assault, molestation, rape; there is nothing in the legal record against him. And as far as I can tell, Preston Nichols really thought he was doing good, exorcising the sorrows of mind control victims. He was psychotically sincere

[...] Conspiracy theory is popular because it speaks to real possibilities -- the reality of MK-Ultra, for example -- even if it does so in unreal ways: possibilities that the world is not just what it seems, or what we are told, that there is "more" to events. It finds meaning behind the mundane, erects vast forces of good and evil contending for the world, and places the conspiratologist, who knows what's really going on, at the heart of the drama, suffering for the truth no one else has the courage to champion. Preston Nichols: prophet, hero, seeker, savior to lost souls like Anthony Kraft.

Nichols told me he gave up his deprogrammings some three years ago. But he is still sought out. A young Hotmail user from Red Hook, New York, wrote on a Montauk message board, "I have a few memories of Montauk," the kid wrote. "I know that you personally can detect in an individual was involved. Can you do this via remote? It is very important to me, and it would help me to clear up some personal issues."

Someone logged on as "Preston Nichols" replied, "I have not had success of [Montauk Boy] detection from a distance. We would have to meet if this is possible ..."

Photo of Nichols from GEAR article
Photo of Nichols from GEAR article

Ketcham's article is one of the only sources I have found on Nichols's deprogramming, and I searched hard. Like with Ketchum's research I even looked up legal records for Nichols and found none.

At a loss, I reached out to Chris Garetano, the director of multiple Montauk Project documentaries, having known this crew since the early 2000s, his most recent documentary was a show for discovery in 2017. By all accounts, he's as close to an expert as you can get

I asked him many questions, but among them was this: "Do you know if Nichols may have been a sexual predator?" I stated that I totally understood if Chris didn't want to speak ill of the dead. He got back to me and said he would absolutely be willing to chat and wanted to set up a call.

Unfortunately, we were never able to nail down a time to talk, but in my research, I ended up listening to a podcast Chris was on and he said this:

The first day I met Preston Nichols -and I think Preston is a nice guy- but he was still trying to get everybody into the chair naked... the guys that were with me the first time I met him in 2006 and I have footage of this.. How does this go from 'I just met you 10 minutes ago' to 'ok now im going to put my hands on your genitals" Chris Garetano

The Proponents Today

Today, Nichols, Bielek and Duncan are no longer with us

Bielek died in 2011, Nichols Oct 5 2018 due to the stress of a heart attack and stroke, and Duncan in May 9th 2019 from Prostate Cancer

While most information would have you believe that these guys always stuck together until the end. That's not necessarily the case.

In October 2018, while Duncan was becoming sicker, he had this to say

It has come to my attention that Peter Moon is giving updates on my health status. Since I am no longer in contact with him, he is not authorized to obtain on any level and discuss information pertaining to me and I consider it an infringement on my personal boundaries.

Despite this, this didn't stop Moon from writing up an obituary for Duncan on his site. One line in particular grabbed my eye

Above and beyond his personal complexities, idiosyncrasies, and reluctance to probe into certain areas, Duncan contributed greatly in helping us understand the psychology of time.

Nichols and Duncan
Nichols and Duncan

On July 1 2017 Duncan was featured on Other World radio where he talked about Montauk for the first time in years. In it he carefully avoided sensitive topics, but he did say that he takes issue with how some of the Montauk books were written, saying that he and Nichols "were just trying to get through the day" as he reminisced about all that time they used to spend together just hanging out and talking.

To this day Peter Moon continues to expand on the Montauk lore despite Nichols, Bielek and Duncan no longer being with us. Moon seems to find some way to connect whatever his current interests are or new friends to Montauk.

What do we make of this?

  • Swerdlow appears to be in it for the fame, money and access to victims.
  • Duncan it's hard to say, over the years he has intermittently distanced himself from these things but seemed to always come back.
  • Bielek, while he did make some efforts to monetize his story, it was nothing compared to Swerdlow and Moon, he seemed to be mostly in it for opportunity to tell stories

Nichols on the other hand? Other than the books he sold nothing. He didn't even have a website. He hosted monthly free Montauk nights for people to come and talk about Montauk and ask questions. More than anything, I think he just wanted to entertain people and tell stories.

From all reports his belief in Reichian techniques was earnest, it was something he believed in, which is easy to imagine as once head of the Long Island chapter of the USPA, an association that hungers for something beyond conventional science. A great many of the members are very science minded and explore the realm of fringe science for the purpose of human betterment.

Which makes the question of Nichols' motives harder to parse. All of his known "patients" were adults and consented. All testimonies we can find about the treatment he offered; his patients believed he was helping them. Many, if not all of these men came from broken homes or traumatic situations and maybe Nichols provided a safe place, and something that gave them answers for all their hardships.

Looking at some of the underlying themes of the Montauk story, a part of me wonders if Nichols had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse himself. And instead of processing it, instead of dealing with it, he pushed it down. It's a common thing we see with conspiracy theorists, they turn to these wild stories to give them some sort of answer that makes sense, other than the fact that sometimes bad stuff just happens.

The story of Montauk provides an answer to childhood trauma, a reason and explores all the fantastical elements children love. Who didn't want to travel back in time or see aliens as a kid? Who didn't wish that their hardships would be rewarded with superpowers? Who didn't want to be special? In the beginning I think Nichols heard an interesting story and began to add to it with each retelling, enjoying the wonder and curiosity, and when people started to identify with his stories, maybe he thought they were helping? And maybe through this he was exorcising his own demons?

How long can you tell a story before you start to believe it yourself?

Chris Garetano May. 22, 2012

"They weren't gaining anything from their stories; there was no financial reward for them. They are just consistently setting themselves up to be ridiculed, and this has been going on for decades."

However, a funny thing happened while filming. "It really affected me," Mr. Garetano said. "The subject matter is about how all this stuff is going on beneath the surface, it became a broader scope than just concentrating on these guys and their stories. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I found I was becoming really paranoid while making the film."

"The power of suggestion is really strong sometimes."

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