HEX Live Saturday Mar 27!


Halli and Cayla will be doing a HEX live-show on March 27th at 10AM PST or 1PM EST to help raise funds for Able Gamers Charity. Able Gamers helps get custom gaming setups made and sent to those that can't use conventional equipment and brings joy to geeks everywhere!

Halli and Cayla will be talking about food! Halli will be telling us about counterfeit wines and I'll tell you all about the world's deadliest sushi. After that we have a bunch of fun food related trivia and things may devolve into a conversation about Dragon Age theories, in case you ever doubted that we're complete dorks

So please pop in and say hi! You can find us at https://tiltify.com/@terrible_party/tpcspringbash   or look for terrible_party on any platform.