File 0079-0081: The Satanic Lead Pyramids of the Eastern Seas


In this three-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and guest Courtney take a look at four cases of intrigue:

  • Ching Shih/Zheng Yi Sao: Ching Shih was a sex worker in the 1700s on a floating brothel in the city of Canton who would go on to lead a fleet consisting of 1,800 boats and is commonly referred to as the Pirate Queen

  • Clair Patterson: The inventor of the first clean room and the guy that finally made us all stop eating lead

  • The Satanic Temple: The words "praise Satan" conjure images of devil worship, the burning of dungeons and dragons books and animal sacrifice, or at the very least Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Most of us in the western world live in societies heavily influenced by Christian religions, even if we don't practice it ourselves, we generally are aware that Jesus was the good guy and Satan was the bad guy. So how has a religion named after such a controversial figure become one of the most progressive religions, not just that, organizations, in the modern world? Welcome to the Satanic Temple

  • Multi Level Marketing Schemes: Once known as "Pyramid Schemes", MLMs are still going strong, sucking in more people than ever with promises of wealth and independence, but often only delivering debt and disappointment

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