File 0054-0055: Deep Sea Diwali Roos and Other Holiday Miracles


December 10 2021 / December 17 2021

In this special two-part holiday episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan, Halli and guest Courtney take a look at four of topics full of heartwarming and inspirational stories!

  • Merry Chris-Fish: Courtney takes us on a tour of all the holiday inspired named marine creatures, from Christmas tree worms, to sea angels and even a crab that likes to take things from its environment decorate itself!
  • The Great Tree Kangaroo: Tree kangaroo seems like a paradoxical term. Kangaroos are large, powerful land marsupials unlike anything on any other continent outside Australia. But evolution is a funny thing, and out of it we got tree kangaroos.
  • Asian Holiday Traditions: We all know about Christmas, but there are countless holidays celebrated by thousands of other cultures. Nathan takes us to India and China to explore a few!
  • The Hatbox Baby: It was Christmas Eve 1931, when a couple driving through the Arizona desert encountered car troubles. They pulled over and as they were examining the damage, they heard a baby crying. 150 feet away they found a little girl, seven days old in a woman's hatbox. How had she got there? Where were her parents? Who was she? These questions wouldn't be answered for seventy years

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