File 0023-0024: Bigfoot Nightcrawlers of the Forest


In this two-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan and Halli take a look a three cases of intrigue:

  • Leshy, the Guardian of the Forest: in Slavic folklore, the Leshy is the pagan deity of the forest, capable of changing form. Some consider it a demon, others a fairy, but whatever it is, its legend endures
  • BigfootSo, Bigfoot huh? The creature, the man, the myth, the legend? Why do so many people claim to see it lurking from a distance, and why is the legend so ubiquitous? 
  • Fresno Nightcrawlers: When we think of cryptids we usually think of creatures that are scary or dangerous. Accompanied by dozens of horrifying accounts of encounters, most a brief glimpse or stare-down with the creature and others resulting in the damage of property, pets or persons. But every once in a while there's a creature that shows no threat as it traipses across you lawn

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