File 0017: Let's Get Mythical


In this episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan and Halli take a look a three cases of intrigue: 

  • The Fernie Curse: Fernie BC was founded in 1897, a small coal mining town that owes its origins to a man named William Fernie. But over the next eleven years the town would face two horrific fires, a flood and one of the worst mining disasters in Canadian history. Could William Fernie also be the cause of the town's curse?
  • Yuki Onna:  The Yuki Onna is one of Japan's most well-known yokai (ghost-like monsters) yet the stories about her are all drastically different. Whether she be a dread vampire, loving bride or vengeful mother, only one thing is certain about this lady of the snow, you'll never know if she's a blessing or a curse until it's too late. 
  • The Morrigan: As old as Irish folklore, the Morrigan whether described as a trifecta or as an individual is a symbol of great power, a goddess of war or queen of phantoms, the tales about her are infinite and her reach is still felt today 

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