Dr Chuck Tingle


When it comes to Chuck Tingle, the line between fantasy and reality is as muddled as it is curvy and alluring. When Dr. Tingle came onto the scene and the internet was taken by storm with his bizarre and unusual gay literature, very little was known about him

Early articles written about him included the portrait of a rather normal, white picket fence dude, not what anyone would've expected from the author of Space Raptor Butt Invasion, My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass and Taken by the Gay Unicorn Biker. It would later be found that this image was little more than a stock image from a random website

So what do we really know about Chuck? He says he's a taekwondo grandmaster and a doctor (due to the PhD he acquired for holistic massage from DeVry University (a course they don't even ofter)). He says he was born in the ghost town Home of Truth, Utah and that his current residence is in Billings Montana. We also know he's bisexual and that Chuck Tingle is in fact not his real name

What's the truth then? Well there is a couple different takes on this. One being that he is a group of ghost writers all part of an elaborate prank. Another that he is an autistic schizophrenic who writes these books to connect with the world and the last being that he is taking advantage of people who believe the former theory to earn all the cashola 

Episode: File 0021: Getting the Tingles

Release Date: March 26th 2021

Researched and presented by the whole fam

Written by Cayla

Details about Dr. Tingle would slowly be gathered from his prolific Twitter account where he gayly preaches his belief that love conquers all and frequently talks about his favorite meal: spaghetti. Over the years strange things would come out of this Twitter. We would find out that Chuck has a "son name of Jon" and that his wife and mother of his son had died.

In 2016 Chuck Tingle would do his first Reddit AMA through his son Jon. This AMA would become the primary source we have on the mystery that is Chuck Tingle. It was Jon himself that confirmed his father's autism and schizophrenia. He would clarify that in fact his mother is still alive, but the woman who Chuck is referring to was a caretaker of his that had passed.

Jon says his father is a savant with the gentlest heart you could imagine, but he struggles sometimes with his identity, reality and self harm. It's not uncommon for Chuck to live a week as an airplane or a train, and this may be reflected in his Twitter. These fantasies are mostly harmless, but Jon warns that if his father begins to talk about wanting to peel his skin, that he shouldn't be encouraged and that he keeps a close eye on his father's social media because of this.

The father and son live together, where Jon helps his father by editing the endless streams of erotic novellas his father produces. He says that his father understands the humor in the titles and the absolute ridiculousness of his plots and characters, but it's what he loves to do. While it's a little strange for a son to edit titles like Slammed in the Butt by My Hugo Award Nomination for his father, Jon says the hilarity of the subject matter and the pure joy it brings his father more than makes it worth it.

And that's not the only thing Chuck loves. Wherever Chuck goes, there's an outpour of adoration for his son. He thinks his son is the coolest guy and sometimes has a hard time expressing that in the most appropriate ways, but Jon understands this, even if it can be a little embarrassing at times

But there is one thing that Chuck loves above all else (even chocolate milk) and it's love. Everything that comes from Chuck comes from a place of love. While his erotic fiction features monsters, half dinosaurs and inanimate objects he's very clear that everything that happens is completely consensual. He celebrates love in every aspect and says that's what is at the core of his stories. And who can argue with that sentiment?

i have never had a guilty pleasure and i have never loved something ironically i dont even understand what this means. LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE ENJOY WHAT YOU ENJOY its okay to be you --- @ChuckTingle